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In releasing this comprehensive suite of policies, Jean pointed to his support for farmers and ranchers when fighting the NDP bill 6, and further stated “Agriculture is one of our most important industries and will be treated as such under my watch.”


Loewen said: "I wasn't considered one of them for some reason, I guess I can proclaim that I am one of the front runners right now. And so what I planned on doing, as I mentioned yesterday that I'll answer those same questions that were asked at that debate."


"I invite my friends, Travis Toews and Brian Jean, to stop the silly attacks and join with me in fighting Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley and their WEF Agenda together," Smith said.

The decision has prompted the AGLC to remove portions of its retail cannabis store handbook, the change will no longer prohibit cannabis products from being visible from the exterior of shops.

"Park Wardens arrested, interviewed, and charged the suspect with several counts under the Canada National Parks Act. The investigation is still ongoing and any final charges and outcomes will be determined by the courts at a later date."

Jean recently spoke on the Shaun Newman Podcast debate and claims "One of my opponents seems determined to say that I am for lockdowns" after his response to a question during the debate.

Just after the endorsement, Nate and Danielle introduced their plan to build upon the success of the Alberta film industry, by bringing in the Alberta Digital Production Tax Credit.

According to Smith, Alberta’s children have faced unprecedented challenges to their education, mental health, and social development. Smith underscored that the mistakes of this period need to be acknowledged and addressed.