Advocacy group quizzed UCP candidates on pandemic fallout for kids; only two responded

Calgary advocacy group Families For Choice (FFC) sent questions to United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership candidates to gain perspective from each on issues important to its members — only two responded to the request. 

FFC was started in the fall of 2021 by five Calgary-based moms concerned with the "prospect of unprecedented COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children." The group's aim was to stand united against the mandates, fight for individual choice, and oppose decisions that lead to the exclusion of children. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Melanie Risdon is an Alberta Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters. She has over 20 years’ experience in media at Global News, Rogers and Corus.

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Only two bothered to take the time to answer? LOL, What does this say to me? It says that the others are far more worried about the possibility of criminal charges, or some form of Nuremburg harms against humanity charges, that they won't say a word for fear of incriminating themselves.


They should be worried! The truth is coming out, people are awakening, and all those that have suffered loss, illness, or worse, the death of a loved one, will not forget the names of those who were complicit, and they will be held to account!

Alberta First

Tells you everything you need to know. While Travis, Sawhney and Schulz (Children's Minister no less!) were on the Emergency Cabinet Committee that put and kept restrictions on Albertan children, Smith and Loewen were the only ones who 1) spoke out and fought back, 2) have a plan to protect kids moving forward and 3) bothered to respond to the largest child advocacy group in the province. BRAVO to them and SHAME on the rest.


That's a hard to sell position while still being part of the political party that took Alberta down a tyrannical path that willingly sacrifices our children for their politics.


It confirms for me that I will support Smith first and Loewen second. Brian Jean's motto is Autonomy for Alberta, yet he can't even support Autonomy for Albertans against further government tyranny. The former Kenney cabinet ministers show that they were all complicit in Kenney's lockdown of Albertans. They cannot and will not even stand up now and apologize for their egregious policies against Albertans. They supported and would continue to support the government's attack on the people of Alberta and the locking up of pastors.


I share the opinions of all. Great article and very telling about the candidates; no surprises re . UCP candidates.

Only Freedom Matters Now

While I am disappointed with Smith on the “net-zero” cult garbage - as my pseudonym reads - her stance on this one is good enough for me to give her my vote.


Danielle Smith 0Net is carbon capture.. I am asking her to clarify for people and to stop using WEF language.

Cory if you read this, Can you have her in the show or ask her to clarify?


This is a small example of how the other candidates will treat any constituents or groups who ask for feed back or clarification. They will ignore them as if they are a basket of deplorables. Who would even bother voting for these old school failures? Toews ..Aheer..Shultz.. the other one...If they dont listen to concerned citizens now, while campaigning, how much less attention will they pay after they are elected?


Well they just made voting in the UCP race dead simple! Either 1. Smith, 2. Loewen, or 1. Loewen, 2. Smith. Anyone else would have Alberta back under lockdowns, mandates, discrimination, chaos, and tyranny the second their paid off “expert” bureaucrats like Hinshaw told them to.


You got it right! I like 1. Loewen, 2. Smith. There are no other choices unless you want yourself, your kids, and your business to go thru a repeat of the last 2 years, because those who chose to do it to us once will do it to us again!


Well considering 3 of them are status quo Kenney cabinet Ministers, what were they going to say (especially Sky Palace Toews)?

Mars Hill

I'd say this article tells you the whole story.

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