Michelle Rempel Garner

Rempel Garner 

Federal Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner will not run for the UCP leadership and Alberta premiership.

In a lengthy Substack post, the Calgary-Nose Hill MP said she received significant support for her potential UCP leadership bid.

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Its amazing how the "legacy media" has spun this today. Here you have this entitled little gift to humanity and Alberta essentially: a) trashing the UCP which is the party most likely to stave off the NDP next election; b) telling us that she doesnt have the leadership ability to defend Albertans and get all the players pulling usefully together. This is now A STRENGTH of hers, and a black mark on Smith, who has called a spade a spade and mapped out a path forward for us that is rational and do-able. And Smith (who was trying to be gracious and truthful) is the one who should be vilified and Rempel gets a gold star and round of applause from the scribblers who think she has huge stacks of ability and was smart to take her ball and go home. A gift to Notley just when an NDP scandal is brewing. Thank god the days of MSM dominance are drawing to a close.


Luckily another vote splitting WEF Moron is not joining the fray! Next step is to have her lose her seat and get her out of the Conservative Party. She can join the Communist party where she belongs, instead of infiltrating and ruining a Conservative. This is Communism at it's lowest. This is Notley level Low! These WEF traitors have to weeded out of the Conservative Party first and the Liberal Party next. This person is despicable!


Rempel is a globalist and spokesperson for woke ideology. She refers to “team building” and “good faith” which translates to top down control and acceptance without question of her ideology. It means playing the now obvious political strategy of do as you’re told by party brass and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. That’s how lockstep global governance is achieved. Her vague comments can be read by awake citizens as meaning she sees an awakening Alberta citizenry that won’t support her agenda. That’s a good sign and message to all ambitious politicians.


Observing the negative comments about her, one can easily understand why she is giving the run, a pass. The next Leader will face the same narcissistic malcontents. The main task is to protect the Province from the NDP, but it looks like too many are preoccupied with selfish interests rather than the public interest. They will likely get slapped in the next election, and it is all so unnecessary.

Mars Hill

I suspect reality slapped her in the face and she woke up.


I suspect she found out just how angry Albertans are and she knew she would never overcome the link to the WEF. Ms Rempel learned her choices had consequences.


I wonder why she is not running?


I am so happy she is not running.


What we did learn from Rempel's toe dip in the pool, is how quickly the UCP caved to its own leadership candidate rules.

Pathetic, why have rules? Are we to expect more rules changes from the UCP?


Whah Whah Whah!!!


Just another self-centred cookie-cutter politician. Not a mention of her WEF connections. Or the truckers. Or what the current issues are with Albertans, and how she would deal with them. I was expecting her announcement of a retreat in Davos for her and her cabinet picks, immediately after her certain coronation after entering the race. We poor unwashed deplorables will just have to make do with someone else.

Liliana Brown

I wasn't super excited when I heard she was considering it in the first place. She did not support a leadership review of O'Toole and she has been working with Patrick Brown on his campaign. She seems to lack real discernment on where the party needs to go and the fact that she keeps supporting and backing weak leader doesn't give me any confidence that she can lead our province.


Good summary.


Did WS just make this whole "Rempel may run" story up to generate clicks?

Liliana Brown

No, she announced a while back that she was "seriously considering" running. It was in mainstream media as well.

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