Farmers are confused with the Trudeau government’s plan to reduce fertilizer emissions by 30% by 2030.

On Thursday night at the Atlas Hotel in Regina, Conservative MPs met with leaders from the Saskatchewan agriculture industry to discuss the federal fertilizer emissions reduction plan.

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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The "climate crisis" is the biggest hoax ever to be perpetuated on humanity. Of course, they (WEF, U.N. and government leaders injected by the WEF) knew the climate was always changing and used future changes as their scare tactics. How they came up with 1.5 degrees as the cataclysmic turning point in mankind's ability to survive on earth or the earth's ability to survive is puzzling and is the scare tactic used to convince the gullible.

They knew so many people on earth would be easily convinced there was an imminent danger of climate destroying life and use every change in weather patterns to reinforce the danger.

They used carbon dioxide as their reason to limit our use of fossil fuel and ability to heat and cool our homes our mobility and to transfer huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to unreliable green energy companies.

Now people realize they will freeze if they don't use fossil fuels and are pushing back on the "carbon dioxide" scare tactics, they are now switching to nitrous oxide as the NEW "climate crisis" instigator.

If citizens of the world do not see there is an elitist group that wants complete control of every aspect of life as we know it, they are obviously still quaking at the deflection tools being used and ignoring the real danger.


I don't understand what everyone is so "confused" about. Claus Schwab and Bill Gates have made their positions quite clear. They want to drastically reduce the worlds population. They have said they plan to use famine, vaccines, and limited wars to achieve their goals. So far they are on track with their agenda. The only thing that is confusing me is why all these people are so thick headed and can't figure out what is happening. They have spoken about all this many times and in plain English.

Aubrey Hogan

People, some of them politicians, speak of “fighting” federal government over-reach and other abuses. But nobody ever mentions how to conduct such a “fight.” There really is only one way to fight such nonsense: non-compliance. There is no other way. If only provincial governments would back their citizens in these efforts, we might have a chance.


There are many ways to conduct that fight, including learning how we got here.

Canada was worried the new Western provinces they were creating might want to represent citizens in Canada rather than representing Canada to their new citizens.

Many steps were taken to limit power and growth in Western Canada, including location of provincial borders, the location of capitals away from large local populations (Edmonton rather than Calgary) and having the local political class brought in from Ontario.

Canada never stopped that process. Canada still supplies/controls our politicians, police and appoints our courts. Canada still holds power over Western provincial legislatures in many ways.

During the pandemic and ongoing protests, Canada was concerned provinces might side with citizens. Some threats were made publicly. During the protest in Ottawa the PM felt he needed to "remind" the provinces of what they should be doing.

Whatever force or deals were made the results are clear.

If ever there was a time for provinces to stand up for citizens it was 2020 but no provincial government stood up to Canada when citizens were losing all basic rights.

All Western provinces complied with Canada's demands to strip us of basic rights, all became tyrannical oppressive governments as Canada demanded.


If we want provincial governments to represent us we will have to replace them and the systems they are part of.

I think you are correct. That starts with non-compliance, by not agreeing.

One way is to stop voting. Voting is saying you believe the system is democratic, will represent you and your interests. Canada's "democracy" is a sham, voting is supporting that sham.

Not agreeing can take many forms, once we start looking we will see many legal ways to express our concerns.


Voting is far from the most effective thing a person can do to make the world a better place, but it’s worth sending the ballot in. It does make a big difference who the premier and pm are.


Typical Canadian limp-wristed response. We need a flipping nation-wide strike to be called and massive protests. Not some measly ‘request for clarification’. We’re so pathetic, no wonder the world laughs at us.


Canadians aren’t as limp-wristed as CBC portrays. The strike and massive protests are on the way if they actually try to decrease fertilizer use by 30%


Nitrous emissions have been targeted before, but the answer is not a top-down cut or ban, the best approach is to create a reasonable, achievable, and mutually beneficial credit program that rewards farms for making the preferred choices when it comes to efficient fertilizer use, and using more efficient formulations of fertilizer. You can do both those things without sacrificing yield, and in some cases actually raise yields, however, those approaches are more costly to implement for the farmer, so you need to incentivize it if you want uptake.

Even Barlow's mention of emission to yield comparison fails to take into account things like drought, hail, insect damage, etc.

As always the government gets out a big unwieldy ban hammer and starts taking swings at things they don't have the most general understanding of.


It is past time for the Provinces to simply ignore the insanity emanating from the Liberal government in Ottawa. Time for the adults to take charge again.

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