EXCLUSIVE: Mother of alleged killer in Edmonton stabbing spree says drugs ruined her family

Clarence Lawrence, 25.

The mother of a 25-year-old man who allegedly stabbed a Cold Lake First Nations man to death and injured two others says her once close family has been torn apart by drug addiction.

On September 7, police in Edmonton captured 25-year-old Clarence Lawrence after he allegedly went on a murderous stabbing spree.

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Free Canada

Drugs mess up a persons brain. I know it’s not an excuse for committing a crime. But it is True. 70% of people in jail, would not be there except for drugs. Why do some countries like Saudi Arabia have no Drug problems? Is the death penalty for Drug trafficking the reason? Hmmmm. Also: in China if you traffic fentanyl inside China and get caught, it’s the death penalty. But if you make Fentanyl and ship outside the country, it’s called good business. ( 45 bil a year). China must be help accountable for this. Then there is Mexican Drug lords. They kill 100,000 people in the USA with their activities each year. Trump said they are worse than terrorists. trump said Mexican Drug Organisations should be labelled as Terrorists groups, then the USA military can deal with them. That sound like a good plan to me. Drug lords have more guns and money than the police, police don't stand a chance.


Her family has been torn apart by drugs? Ummm, how about the family of the person killed? You waste of skin son tore his family apart and he was an innocent person in all of this, I am sick and tired of this blame game, people never ever seem to take responsibility any more, always drugs, abuse, racial inequity, never will people take responsibility for their own actions. Life only promises you equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. People you get what you put in, put in the effort to make a good life, work hard, stay way from drugs, don’t drink excessively, respect your tans others, and you will have a very full and happy life, it really isn’t that hard.

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