MLA Todd  Loewen (Central Peace-Notley) is calling on Alberta's auditor general to open an investigation into big bonuses paid by the Alberta government.

"I sent a letter to the auditor general, asking for an investigation and audit regarding the awarding of discretionary mega-bonuses to high-ranking government officials and ministry staff," Loewen stated.

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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Hinshaw should be charged for interfering with Doctors who wanted to try early treatment on patients. She did not allow them to even try to save lives and is therefore Guilty of at least Pre-meditated manslaughter in my opinion. The money is most likely "HUSH" money, or she may still have a small amount of compassion for people and it is to help appease a Guilty Conscious!


Isn't Henshaw facing court challenges to her biased and illogical mandates? Why would she get a bonus if she is found guilty?


Taxpayers needs the names of all involved in awarding these bonuses .The decision makers need to be identified and held to account. Loewen has it right . Smith and Loewen are on the same page not being involved pays dividends in what questions you can ask!!!


So what will the AG go looking for? Does Loewen think the money was stolen by Hinshaw? That it somehow was an illegal payout? Either he is stupid, or, more likely, he thinks Albertans are stupid and will think he is actually doing something useful.


What kind of a 'bonus' will Kenney get when he's finally punted?


Loewen for the Order of Alberta!

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