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The Federal Court determined Alberta can intervene in legal challenges to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act.

Four legal challenges were launched nationally against the powers the federal government seized when it enacted the Emergencies Act on Valentine's Day to crush peaceful Freedom Convoy protests held in Ottawa and Alberta.

Senior Columnist (Manitoba)

Linda Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard based out of Winnipeg. She has been an investigative columnist for the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Alberta Report.

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David MacKAY

Jason Kenny is conflicted on weather to support his Dictator WEF tyrant Justin Trudeau or weather to support the rights and freedoms of Canadians and even Albertans. Supporting Trudeau and the WEF has personally enriched Kenny Whereas supporting Albertans doesn't provide unjust enrichment.

Kenny governs under the slogan "Show me the Money"


The whole so called pandemic was horribly handled.


This seems so hypocritical on Kenney's part. He did the same thing with the peaceful protest at Coutts. And how about all the pastors that were jailed, small businesses shut down, people who lost their jobs b/c they refused the mandatory gene therapy. He supported AHS tyrannical unelected officials and their violations of our rights and freedoms. He is just a hypocrite and if he gets voted back in Albertans get what they deserve.


Kenny must be just following private polling of Albertans as he sure flip and flops all the time. Still better than a Notley government any day.

Canadian in Western Canada

Lets put aside the hypocrisy of seizing tyrannical powers, of arresting citizens and keeping them jailed for as long as politicians wanted and look at the likelihood of the Confederation changing ruling being sought.

For any legal or court action to succeed against politicians Canada would need to have the Rule of Law.

In 2019 the PM made it very clear. Canada does not have the Rule of Law. The Prime Minister, not the AG, not the courts, not some Rule of Law idea, decides what the law is in Canada, who gets charged, whose bank accounts are taken, and who sits in jail until the PM decides otherwise.

Since 2019 the 6 of 9 SCC Judges appointed under Trudeau have ruled as Justin wants. That was on display with the 2021 SCC 11 Carbon ruling which ended a Confederation where provinces had sovereignty in some areas. Confederation is now a Federation with no provincial areas of responsibility being free from control and regulation by Ottawa, provided Ottawa claims it is for the Greater Good.

Actions and inactions by police and courts across Canada have shown the Rule of Law only applies in some cases, against some people, against some groups at some times.

Looking to the Canadian court system for a ruling against Canada's political wishes has always been questionable but never more so than now.


Kenney announced his intention to file a lawsuit against the Feds over the use of the emergencies act less than one wk after they were invoked. That's fairly quick by todays standards.

Free Canada

Lowen, complains a lot, but never says what they would have done during this Virus event. Lowen ignore’s the facts. This restriction issue has polarised the entire province. And there was no way to make all people happy. Danielle Smith said we should have followed Texas. Well, Texas’s Death rate was more than double Alberta’s. Can you imagine the Liberal media attacking JK all day long if he had followed Texas example. In my mind, Lowen is just a paid NDP operative like many others within the UCP. I don’t trust him.


I don't know if you can compare those death rates unless you are viewing percentages instead of absolute numbers to compare apples with apples. Other variables need to be considered as well such as age demographics. Can you source those stats please.


Any lawsuit against the feds at this point is a good thing even if it’s a bit late-totally agree with the article. Apart from the emergencies act, why don’t they sue along with the other provinces like Sask. about the travel restrictions? Kenney passed a useless motion, but nothing further. AB has “no mandates” and more than 1 mil of Albertans cannot travel. Where is Kenney to stand up for Albertans????

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