Polar bear jumping

Ken Green argues that the Trudeau government peddles a climate-change narrative that has little echo in the rest of the world, while other countries — notably China — don't care. The polar bears are fine, by the way.

A Los Angeles based ‘philanthro-activist’ group is claiming the world’s largest fossil fuel companies owe at least $209 billion a year in “reparations” for climate damages.

A new paper entitled Time to Pay the Piper, published in the scientific journal  One Earth argues climate change is a moral issue that will disproportionately impact developing nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to the tune of $99 trillion from 2025-50, $70 trillion of which it attributes to fossil fuels.

Polluter pay

Reparations of major fossil fuel companies based on share of emissions.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Screen star Leonardo DiCaprio should just stick to his own Hollywood scripts rather than weighing in on a Canadian issue.

Shaun Polczer is the Business Reporter for the Western Standard, based in Calgary. Formerly, a business reporter for the Calgary Herald, he has also held senior positions at the Daily Oil Bulletin, and the London Petroleum Economist. 

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Leo is a buttery fingered yuppie leftist dirt bag and should stick to what he knows best which is hobnobbin with the rich and famous. This is why I haven’t owned a tv for 20 years. I refuse to watch garbage made by idiot elitists who hate my guts. I went on Google earth and it says down in the right hand corner either 2022 or 2023, so up to date pics, and guess what ??? All the icecaps are there and I don’t see any coastline disappearing. So I’m calling out climate change as Marxist mumbo jumbo designed to destroy the energy industry to eliminate the middle class as all commies, including globalists, want to do.

Left Coast

The "Klimate" Scam has been going on since the 70s . . . here are some Real Scientists talking Truth . . .

Kary Mullis, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, for his invention of the process on which the PCR test is based, explains why anthropogenic climate change is a scam.

Climate change hoax destroyed by Green Peace founder Dr Patrick Moore.

Geologist, Professor Ian Plimer:

"When we look back in time, there's one thing that we see, and that is that carbon dioxide has never driven climate change."

"We are dealing with absolute nonsense. And the nonsense is not based on the fundamentals of science."


Left Coast

Wind and solar need to be backed up, close to 100 per cent, by some other means of power generation. If that backup is provided by open-cycle gas or coal, net zero will never be achieved: nor anything very close to it.

There is one technology that can provide a cheap and reliable supply of low-emissions electricity: nuclear power.

Interest in nuclear power is increasing as more and more people realise that it is safe and reliable.

If regulators and the public could be persuaded that modern stations are inherently safe and that low levels of nuclear radiation are not dangerous, nuclear power could provide all the low cost, low emissions electricity the world needs for hundreds or thousands of years.

But if we had 100 per cent nuclear backup for solar and wind, we wouldn’t need the wind and solar plants at all.

Wind and solar are, in fact, completely pointless.



Dear Leo should stick to acting and shut his mouth about things he knows absolutely nothing about….if he is so gung ho about climate issues he needs to get rid of private jet trips, and his yacht…then he can buy a bicycle with wooden wheels and travel the world with that….my mother had one during world war 2 and had to travel after dark to a farm to get butter for the family….these people are not only dumb but seriously mentally compromised when it comes to thinking for themselves….they want us to live in the dark ages while they live the high life at our expense…..


DiCaprio your an entertainer go entertain. Do a dance or juggle something.


How much does DiCapprio owe then for climate change reparations? This is the same one who flies on private aircraft and vacations on large luxury yachts. DiCappprio is the very definition of a hypocrite. He talks of climate change yet does the opposite and expects us to save the planet. He needs the oil companies to fuel is private aircraft and luxury yachts and all the car service vehicles that he likes to ride in. I'll think about worrying about climate change as soon as all of the eco-warriors actually do to their part. I'm still waiting.


what are this man's scientific credentials .? we know he can memorize lines and repeat them ,, but what kind of doctorate etc in science does this person hold.



Left Coast

DiCaprio has been riding around in Neil Young's Electric Lincoln too long . . .

What about the many 1000s of Deaths in Europe caused by the high cost of heating in the recent Decades . . . the IPCC Propaganda is directly responsible.

It's a cooling world folks . . . and it could get a lot cooler . . .

David Dilley: Signals That Global Cooling Is Beginning

Professor David Dilley is a Meteorologist-Climatologist-Paleoclimatologist and a former NOAA National Weather Service Meteorologist. Professor Dilley is the founder and CEO of Global Weather Oscillations (GWO), a company heavily involved in research and development of technology for prediction of natural climate and weather cycles.

In this video, David Dilley explains what global warming is and how it is a cycle that last approximately 230 years. Through this cycle he demonstrates how this determines the rising and falling global temperatures.



More greed-mongers looking for a mega-handout. 1000 years ago these same people would be demanding money for the coming apocalypse and blaming it on the imagined sinners who made the mistake of speaking their minds when one of these intolerant greed-mongers was nearby. Back then, they burned you at the stake if you didn't pay up. Today they just seize your bank account or they use the courts to wrongfully sue you over their self-serving nonsense.


Does anyone know if DiCapretard has figured out what a Chinook is yet?


And what about the thousands of abandoned or depleted mines Leonardo? Yeah, many more to come to build ecofriendly electric cars at the expense of destroying tracts if nature and substantial drinking water sources! An idiot. HALF the world's coastal settlement dump raw sewage into the ocean including Vancouver and Victoria for 100 years!! Where was the indigenous and enviro outcry for the mass "scrapping" up of sea life?? Too many wealthy, narcissistic bored hypocrites in the world today.


DiCapprio is the fool who said that a chinook wind was a true sign of global warming and that he experienced it himself First Hand! Wow. I think I experienced my first chinook about 75 years ago - before fools invented global warming to keep other fools living in fear for purposes of taxation.



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