Green Line

Green Line 

SNC-Lavalin announced the City of Calgary appointed it as the delivery partner for the Green Line LRT. 

“It is a privilege for us to have been chosen by the City of Calgary to support them in the delivery of this project,” said SNC-Lavalin President and CEO Ian L. Edwards in a Thursday press release.

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Trudeaus SNC Lavalin should be blocked and Gondek removed as mayor. Bankrupting the city cant be allowed. Are their any traditional in your face cleat thinking Calgarians left to stop this fiasco from happening?


With the number of Alberta projects that Quebec is blocking, we should have a moratorium on using any company or resources from Quebec until those things are resolved.


How many bribes did Gondek and the City of Calgary agree too to allow SCN Lavalin to get the contract? I certainly don't see the Green Line Construction being done smoothly or properly with SNC Lavalin running it.


SNC Lavalin history of bribing is legendary, worldwide


More money laundering, great.

free the west

Good grief we have no western engineering firms that could do this. I mean...really? SNC-Lavalin...the Quebec based firm with the sordid past it has. And I am still not convinced we even need it.


They have their s*it hooks into everything, it seems...


It may be interesting to note the level of involvement (funding?) by the federal government. Perhaps Calgary's illustrious city council utilized the services of McKinsey & Company?

Interesting to note relationships between SNC Lavalin and McKinsey & Company (appointments to SNC Lavelin's Atkins Group senior managerial levels, etc). A simple search may be worthwhile, example:

A golden rule of analysis: Follow the gold....


McKinsey is at the heart of all bad policy in Canada and USA and maybe further… Tucker Carlson did an interview in 2020 or 21.. clip is somewhere online… scary


Trudeau must be elated!!




Of course SNC Lavalin and Gondek.

The Federal Liberals have 2 of their own stooges as mayors of the 2 largest cities in Alberta. Dominion voting machines were used in the last civic election. No one I know who lives in these cities speaks favorably of these mayors and it is looking like election rigging is be used as a way of getting in politicians who are willing to implement the WEF agenda. And busy they are with this agenda. Do an internet search on "smart city" and Calgary or Edmonton. They openly boast about their plans. With the Alberta government do an search on "My Alberta Digital ID". I am surprised there is scant reporting on this.

Danielle Smith's government needs to make sure that there is only in person with ID voting. Also, keep the voting locations to local venues such as community halls and churches where voters are already familiar with the election staff. In the USA they allowed voting to take place at sports stadiums or huge halls where there is opportunity for all kinds of mischief. Only allow the police or military to pick up and deliver ballot boxes.

We need to be prepared and ready for attempts to artificially install an NDP government.


SNC & Gondek' s crew. How did the bidding go on this contract??! Oh, to be a fly on the wall.


One of the most corrupt companies in the world and Calgary City Council, what could go wrong?

Rusty Pipes

SNC Lavalin? Are you kidding? The absolute most corrupt company in Canada and the City of Calgary collaborating on this project. How disgraceful.

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