Alain Rayes

Quebec Conservative MP Alain Rayes announced he will be leaving the Party to sit as an independent, citing leader Pierre Poilievre as his reason for departure.

"I respect the choice made by Conservative members of the Conservative Party of Canada during the last leadership race," Rayes, the MP for Richmond—Arthabaska, said on Twitter.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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As a country we cannot continue under Trudeau. Pierre is our best shot at turning our economy around. I don’t understand why the Liberals insist globalization is the answer to all our ill’s. It’s not a concept I want to live under. So as my dad used to say “ if you don’t like the ride, get off the bus and walk”!


Oh i am in tears that a Quebecer no longer wants to sit under the conservative umbrella. (Insert sarcasm here).

Left Coast

"Rayes cited concerns with the party's new stance on law and order, environmental issues, and he highlighted the importance of respect between elected officials. "?

Rayes is a con . . . certainly no Conservative. Anyone who would support the ex Lieberal Premier is just playing for his homies in Keybec. Obviously an uninformed "Warmist" and anti Law & Order . . . time he respectfully found a different career.

Scott M

Take your ball. Go home.


The conservative parties in all countries have been infiltrated by grifters but also by real globalist 5th columnists.

Creepy Little Dictator

Take the rest of the spineless CINOs with you.


Poilievre said he "decided not to fight Justin Trudeau's inflation."

Good riddance but honestly, this is the best shot Poilievre could come up with? I put Baber #1 and Poilievre #2 on the ballot and I can't help but think Baber would have come up with a snappier rebuke.


Given the fact that Rayes constituency voted for PP. He should not be allowed to sit as an independent. Raye is just showing he is another 'pig at the tax payers trough'. The conservative party should immediately call a by-election in that riding.






Excellent. The trash taking itself out.

Only Freedom Matters Now

For the first time in a long time - a conservative leader is talking about conservative principles and some recoil in horror.

Alberta Farmer

I don’t trust Pierre, but hopefully he outs some of those fake conservatives in that corrupt party!

Boris Hall

Poor baby

Maybe hit your knees and join Jagmeet ( deep throat ) Singh under Trudeau’s desk where you belong

Barron Not Barron

I like how all of these parasites that have zero contribution to anything, flee. Just ingesting our blood and sweat. They have been infiltrated, now getting away.. How about all of them leave where they belong, with their communist parties!!

Mars Hill

There's probably a few more waiting for their cue....For me it speaks to how far the Conservatives have slid.

Berta baby

The under cover commis can all quit let’s have some populist bi elections and get on with bussiness


Even better news. He at least has the decency to resign and not stick around and sabatoge our program. While I disagree with his political views this is a man with integrity.


Well Bye. A no name who accomplished nothing, he can go back to obscurity, hope he doesn’t qualify for the golden handshake and the generous pension.

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