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George Rocks was steaming. Earlier, he shut the 4 Ave. flyover to give his team time and space to gather evidence during a fresh homicide investigation. Several news organizations took him to task for the move, as did unimpressed drivers unab…

Before the caucus meeting began Thursday morning, the Western Standard spoke to some of the caucus members about their views on the results of the leadership vote and the direction of the party.  

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"Democracy has prevailed. It is now time for all Conservatives in this province to focus on the real enemy which is the NDP and their socialist agenda," said Parker. 

During the last two years, the Canadian housing market could be viewed as a huge vat of boiling water as the intensity of sales and price increases broke long standing records, with record low interest rates fueling the fire.

The singer, a prolific gambler, proved seven is a lucky number by betting $308,832.62 on two Stanley Cup playoffs game 7 matchups and Game 7 of the NBA series between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks.