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Albertans are in an owly mood at the moment, according to a new survey by Angus Reid.

Its poll released Wednesday shows Albertans are dissatisfied with every single thing the UCP government is currently doing.

“Alberta’s UCP, led by Premier Jason Kenney, does not receive majority commendation on a single issue,” said pollsters.

“The government receives the worst assessment in the country on COVID-19 handling, with just 20% saying Kenney’s team has done well. Alberta’s challenges have been exacerbated by a lagging oil and gas sector, long the solution to any additional ills the province may be facing.

“While the unemployment rate has improved throughout the year as Albertans get back to work after pandemic-related restrictions, the province still continues to suffer the worst employment outlook of non-Atlantic provinces. Few Albertans are happy with the performance of the UCP on economic issues.


Courtesy Angus Reid

The government gets its best ratings in handling transportation issues, like roads and highways. For that, the UCP gets a rating of 46%. The government gets its worst ratings — 17%, — in drug use/addiction and poverty/homelessness policies.

Only 20% of people are happy in the field of health care.

Angus Reid figures aligned with recent polls that show voter unhappiness is benefiting the NDP.

“Amid the tribulations of the current government, former Premier Rachel Notley and her New Democratic Party continue to hold a double-digit lead in decided voters, while just one-in-three (31%) say they will vote for the UCP in the next election, not mandated until spring 2023. The NDP is sitting at 43%.

The Wildrose Independence Party is sitting at 15% support.


Courtesy Angus Reid

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