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A group of masked ANTIFA agitators tried to incite violence during a rally Saturday at the Alberta Legislature.

A number of demonstrators were in front of the Leg getting ready to protest ongoing public health measures brought in by the UCP government. A counter-protest before, had ANTIFA members trying to egg them on.

“Does the person waving the flag get more money?” said one.

“The organizers are affiliated with white nationalists and supremacists. That’s enough for me to counter their protest,” said another.

“They [protestors] don’t want to support or help people. They want vulnerable people to find a hole to die in,” one said.

Members of the controversial organization carried flags championing their cause while waving Black Lives Matter memorabilia, attempting to incite an altercation with the anti-lockdown protesters.

“I’m here to protect people,” one ANTIFA member said.

“We should cover the parking lot with ANTIFA watch stickers,” they said jokingly.

They set up their counterprotest at the fountains on the Alberta Leg grounds, opposite to the protestors, where the Western Standard obtained audio recordings of private conversations had between ANTIFA members present.

“There’s an army of them [protestors] down there … we are waiting for them to come to us. There are only two carloads of them [protestors] so far,” said one of its members.

One member pondered the idea of starting a brawl and blocking protestors in the parking lot. 

“Let’s go,” they chuckled. 

They ultimately quashed the idea because of the number of police officers circling the area and the police chopper overhead.

Another member suggested luring the protestors to where ANTIFA set up their counterprotest.

“We need to make sure everyone makes it out alive,” they said.

ANTIFA proceeded to walk through the group of a dozen protestors and children to their side of the fountain and circled back to incite confrontation minutes later.

Though no violence occurred, back-and-forth bantering happened with a member of ANTIFA – who covered their face to conceal their identity – threatening “to knock their [protesters] b*tch ass out.”

ANTIFA is a left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political movement based in the United States.

Dhaliwal is the Western Standard’s Edmonton reporter

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