Danielle Smith

UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith

Following United Conservative Party leadership candidate Danielle Smith assertion that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hiring “climate cops,” CTV News attacked the claims as "incorrect" and "dangerous."

“It’s another conspiracy theory that’s being spread,” said Duane Bratt, a political scientist with Mount Royal University, who was quoted in the story. “It’s dangerous rhetoric and she put that out after the verbal attack on Chrystia Freeland."

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Pay no attention to Duane Bratt. He’s irrelevant ! A lefty liberal mouthpiece disguised as a political scientist. He mocked and laughed when asked in 2016 if Trump could win the election. Obviously knows nothing.


It’s because of attitudes like Bratt’s, Trudeau, Freeland, Gondyke that the ordinary Canadians are starting to make there voices heard, one way or another. The ideology driven motives, the complete disregard for the Parliamentary process being used by this minority government has gotten to a point the Canadians, particularly in the west are getting fed up.

Attacking Smith is another way of the leftist politicians, their bought and paid for media and backed by so-called academics will have resounding effects in the coming years


Duane the Bratt---I feel sorry for him. There is a REAL AD for these "police" (for lack of a better term) and he dismisses it as a conspiracy theory!!! His classes must be paradigms of critical thinking rigour....worth every dime of their tuition cost....Lets all sign up and audit them all......the chance of a lifetime.....I guess there is clearly no need to set up a provincial police force when these newly-hired officers are johnny-on-the-spot....see? you missed a golden opportunity to curry favor with the globalists, Duane.....

Forward Thinking

More gaslighting from the fake news media.

Only Freedom Matters Now

I like what Smith did and want more of it. That act is reminiscent of something the Ron DeSantis (governor of Florida) would do.

Do more of that Danielle. The reaction made everyone pay attention to the issue.


It appears that every time the mainstream/media wants to discredit a series of statements that may reflect badly on the Liberal/NDP government, they trot out their favourite 'political scientists'. It would appear that while they may believe what they are saying, these individuals are certainly with the program.

It also appears that being correct (other than politically) is not a strict requirement. Only the most casual and "liberal" interpretation of the proposed act would deny the enforcement and potential warrantless entries the Act allows.

As a point of interest, to use labels such a 'conspiracy theory' in a pejorative sense is to indicate a very narrow and vastly less than objective approach. Shouldn't scientists be advocates of critical thinking and objective research/conclusions?

Appreciate that like polls, they provide the MSM media with a 'blameless' way to support their perspective without accepting responsibility..


This is another reason why we should be separating RFN!

This government will not let up, they will not relent until we are crushed and never able to come back!

We need to be afraid…they’re coming, mark my words!


At the same time CTV news says its not true, they then give you the evidence that it is true.


The establishment and paid for MSM are embarrassing themselves with their histrionic reactions to Danielle Smiths commentary and initiatives. For years we have dealt with the kowtowed media letting criminals and liars get away with anything and everything and now we have a truth teller they are going into fight or flight mode.


May I suggest to Danielle Smith, that upon becoming Premier, she bans all news organizations that take federal money (or any government money) and she contracts with Musk to make sure Alberta doesn't succumb to Bill C-11. (the government propaganda/newspeak legislation) Musk runs satellite Wi Fi internet that is as good as cable.


Cheers Bmatkin, I agree 100% these 3 for sure ctv, cbc and global! All bought and paid for by the liberals with our money!


bmatkin: excellent idea, and Musk could

Probably provide internet to us far cheaper than the heavily censored Liberal version that will be given to us by Shaw, Telus and the others, who I believe will not even balk at the new liberal censored version of the internet. We need to have Danielle’s sovereignty act asap.

Free Canada

Everything in the news now, is to influence just 123,000 Albertans that are voting UCP members. UCP members are a bread of people very different from average Albertans. UCP members hate the NDP and have zero respect for MSM. So when the NDP, the MSM come out with hit jobs on Smith over irrelevant unprovable issues like Climate police. What is going on? I feel like these Hit jobs on Smith are to help Smith. Many, UCP members might increase their support for Smith just because the corrupt MSM and Corrupt NDP attack her. It is weird revers phycology. People don’t drink the Koolaid. Just stick to facts. What leader has the right skills, the right track record and the most logical plans to move our province forward. And Keep in mind all the foreign money that is being spent in this elections to try and get a corrupted leader to help destroy our province. Just ask yourself how did Aleer and some of the Other candidates come up with 175k to run for this leaders race. Many of these leader Candidates are nobodies and they came up with 175k. Let that sink in. In BC’s leaders race the buy in was 15000 only. Hmmmmm.


Ya sure, I’m sure they are going “all in for Danielle” because she is some secret hidden Liberal ready to pounce on our freedoms after election. I get it, you don’t like Danielle, or Pollievre, but by spouting these unfounded lies about them is the typical Liberal trick of smearing your opponent with political dirty tricks, I have asked you a few times for any evidence to show what you are spewing is truthful, you never do, I have accused you of being a liberal plant, and each time you make unfounded accusations like

This, re-enforces my belief. Stop with the BullSchite. Just admit your Liberlism and get it over with.


Oh man, we know Danielle Smith is over the Target, the attacks are coming fast and furious from the Propaganda wing of the Liberal Party, the MSM, well F CtV, F their reporters, them along with CBC, Globull news are less trusted in this country than even the Liberals are.


Yes, this comment by Smith about resisting these cops, which will probably be the new Gestapo in Canada, made me double-down my support for Smith. The media attacking her only confirms that her concerns are 100% legit. Most likely, this force will be going home-to-home and dragging conservatives to concentration camps in a few years. Resist now or we will be in chains in a few years.


Duane Bratt seems to be a mouth piece for leftists. What do you expect from CTV News, they are a state broadcaster and can't challenge the government or they lose the millions in state funding they get. They label too much federal stuff as conspiracy theory until it becomes real, the feds want to remove Canadians Charter Rights. I understand that Justin Castro wants the climate police to have sweeping powers that the police don't even have. The power to enter private property and premises, search and seizure, order people to shut down or operate equipment without question and the power to detain people for extended periods all without probable cause or a warrant. The climate cops with be little potato's gestapo with the power to operate outside and above the law.


Wow. Continuous attacks on Danielle and Alberta reveal how afraid the left is.


We know CTV is on the take, someone should find out how much Duane Bratt and MRU is getting paid to spew this verbal garbage.

Mars Hill

I told ya we're watching a movie!


Well, it may be labeled in a flippant manner, but it is happening. The job posting is real.

Quoting Bratt: “It’s another conspiracy theory that’s being spread,” said Duane Bratt, a political scientist with Mount Royal University, who was quoted in the story. “It’s dangerous rhetoric and she put that out after the verbal attack on Chrystia Freeland."

Let be honest here. More 'conspiracy theories' have come to pass as reality in the last two years than any time I can ever remember. Why should we automatically doubt these things now? If the Government has proven one thing to us, it is that they are following an agenda that makes many Canadians uncomfortable... and the tin foil hats of the world have been proven eerily correct.

So... Duane..... your scoffing at the average guy for being a bit tense about the government direction is somewhat patronizing. And stop using the term Conspiracy Theory. Its now used to demean concerned citizens. Just like Racist, its a gun that gets drawn whenever there is an ideological shoot out.


CTV news is little different than CBC who are wholly dedicated to the liberals. I think Danielle has it correctly diagnose and would have the guts to do the right thing if elected premier. Trudeau is a stupid socialist idiot who will do almost anything to back up his ignorance on anything approaching common sense.


You can tell how based Danielle is, just by who keeps attacking her. They just keep increasing my support for her, so keep it up!


Biased, no based.

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