Warren Kindzierski

A University of Alberta public health professor claims that vaccinated people around the world are leading the fourth wave of COVID-19 by being infected with the Delta variant at a greater rate than the unvaccinated.

Warren Kindzierski,

an adjunct professor of environmental health at the University of Alberta School of Public Health, said studies in England, Scotland and Israel have led him to that conclusion.

And he said vaccine passports won’t do anything to stop the wave from hitting Alberta, which is further behind than countries in the Delta wave.

“The data presented show fully-vaccinated people aged 60 years and over are being infected, hospitalized and dying from the Delta variant. mRNA vaccines and the mRNA-produced non-sterilizing antibodies do not appear to be working as originally intended for the Delta variant,”


on the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) website.

“As for people aged 60 or older who are of average health or better, or those who have been previously infected, the evidence is weak that they need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in Alberta.

“Requiring proof of vaccination for people to enter certain businesses and to attend certain events is not supported by science as vaccinated people can be infected by the Delta variant and transmit it to others.”

He said studies in England have shown people who were fully vaccinated had higher numbers than not vaccinated for people 60 years and older in cases of emergency admissions and deaths recently in England.

Kindzierski said a study on the database of Maccabi Healthcare Services, which has about 2.5 million Israelis enrolled, showed similar trends.

“The study found that people who were vaccinated in January and February of 2021 were – in June, July and the first half of August, 2021 — at 13-fold greater risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected,”

Kindzierski said.

“In comparing outcomes for more than 32,000 people in the database, the study also found the risk of developing symptomatic Covid was 27 times higher among vaccinated people, and the risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 was eight times higher among vaccinated people.”

“Are mRNA vaccines working for the Delta variant? The answer to this is apparently no. All viruses survive by replicating (creating copies of themselves). There are always a lot of imperfect copies (mutations) produced by the copying process,” he said.

“Among RNA respiratory viruses — including coronaviruses — these mutations occur quickly so that there is rapid genetic drift, which continually produces new strains. Mutated viruses (variants) are normal and expected.

“The data presented tells us that the Delta variant is indiscriminate of vaccination status – i.e., it can infect both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.”

The Western Standard contacted Alberta Health Services but they declined comment.

Alberta Health responded on Wednesday.

“The claim that Delta affects vaccinated and unvaccinated “indiscriminately” is a calculated distortion. The variant does infect vaccinated people but at far lower rates and less seriously,” said Health spokesman Steve Buick.

“The claim that vaccinated people age 60 and up can have severe outcomes like unvaccinated people again is a calculated distortion. Yes, they can but in fact, they have them at far lower rates. We are seeing this right now in Israel, among other jurisdictions.

“The claim that the evidence is weak for vaccinated healthy people 60 and up is nonsense. There are plenty of admissions in that age group and all adults can transmit the virus. 

“The claim that the restriction Exemption Program is not supported by science is a political statement that shows contempt for the evidence. Vaccinated people can be infected and transmit COVID but they’re at far lower risk, especially for severe disease, as we’ve stated above.

“The vast majority of infectious disease experts and other clinicians and scientists with expertise in the field support vaccination. A few outliers who put ideology over evidence are not an indication vaccines are not effective.”

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

News Editor & Calgary Bureau Chief

Dave Naylor is News Editor & Calgary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Calgary Headquarters. He served as City Editor of the Calgary Sun & covered Alberta news for nearly 40 years.

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