Brian Mason

Brian Mason announced Wednesday he is not running in the next provincial election. 

Former Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason said the Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act is similar to measures former German chancellor Adolf Hitler took. 

“Danielle Smith’s ‘Sovereignty Act’ has parallels in history,” said Mason in a Tuesday tweet. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Brian Mason, NDP and failed union bus driver activist as usual gets it backwards. Pretty sad they are already using extreme attacks comparing a pro democracy leader to the Na Xi movement.

Des Zacharias

I just read the first paragraph of the Enabling Act to find out it's not the same thing at all....The Enabling Act allowed the Chancellor to pass laws that VIOLATED people's rights. The Alberta version says exactly opposite....Once again the Communists use the Hitler card to support their agenda


His examples are directly analogous to what JT did in invoking the Emergencies Act. Mason just threw JT under his bus.


There are more choices than left or right. Vilifying those who want to protect Albertans from economic and social collapse is the work of the woke NDP-Liberal cabal. Critical thinking is alive and possible in Alberta. Think. Listen. Act.

John King

Let's see, the Notley Government had former Communist candidate Anne McGrath in a prominent position when they were in power. And Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh had rather positive things to say about Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro upon his death. Guess the NDP has a tolerance for certain dictatorial ideologies, but not for others.


Not is also a huge fan of Che guevera(proper spelling?) wears a wrist watch with his portrait on the face.


It is beyond absurd that anyone even listens to a fool such as this one. The comparison is so bizarre. He probably has a poster of Jagmeet and Justin in his bedroom


Blowup dolls


I'm a little fuzzy, wasn't it the NDP who proposed giving injections door to door? Remind us who is more like funny mustache man?

Fortis Liber

Mason shows his ignorance regarding the Enabling Act. It was Hitler making himself dictator. To equate that with Smith empowering the Alberta Legislature is just typical, stupid NDP stuff


Reductio ad Hitlerum also known as playing the N@zi card. The NDP quiver must be empty.


In the next election Albertans get to choose if they want to be like Florida under Smith, or California under Notley.


That would imply joining BC.


If your political perspective is left of Lenin/Trotsky or Mao, then everything is right wing extremist. Had a fellow NDP members suggested such an Act during the Conservative government, would he have reacted the same or endorsed the potential escape for right wing 'fascist' government?

It is always an interesting observation that the alt-left socialist perspective receives so much media coverage as a result of pontificating, frequently without actual knowledge, on the urgent society destroying requirement to quell any other perspective.


So the Alberta NDs whole electoral strategy is based on being pro Trudeau? I think someone needs to tell them they didn't actually win that election so much as the PCs got fired.

Only Freedom Matters Now

I would say that the day elected officials abolished the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms by declaring our freedom was gone - suddenly - in a press conference was when we started to go do the same road that Hitler did.

And the leader of the country demonizing a certain segment of the population asking "if we should tolerate them," is EXACTLY how Hitler began the long road leading to the final solution.


You nailed it Only Freedom. I have said for a long long time, if politicians can remove our rights and our freedoms at will, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution aren’t worth the paper to wipe your rearend with.

Alberta Farmer

You know when Smith is doing something right when the socialist and communists are having a temper tantrum like a 3 year old!


Cha Ching. Yes indeed. Good comment.


What he propounds applies directly to the federal Lib/NDP regime and their tear down of democratic principle. They do NOT represent the majority of Canadians.

Apparently C-11 will be pushed thru the senate without ANY revision. say goodbye to Canada.


put this guy in jail for hate speech…


Won’t happen. He’s not a church minister. Hey CPS?

Berta baby

National socialist party…. God the left are morons. Put another booster in your arm guy what a slob


says he who follows Notley, Singh and their federal regime of control............

Paul S

There is the reason I will never vote NDP or Liberal.....


Well if the bus driver who was able to grift off the taxpayer for years says so, it must be true, right? In my opinion, if the Autonomy act has the communists like Mason and Notley along with their union pals and MSM in such a lather as to break out the old “literally Hitler” and “Natsi” claims, it must be good for us.

Left Coast

Brian Mason . . . who led the Marxist NDP is making comparisons to the other Marxist regime who were fellow travellers with the Stalinists before they were not.

Brian . . . the NDP is all about repeating tyranical History . . . just look at the loons in BC if you are confused.

Where was Brian when Keybek was getting all the Privileges that now Alberta wants?


Actually BC is striving mightily towards 'out alt-left socialisting (if not such a word - perhaps there should be?) any of their past or contemporary associates in retro-regressive forms of social order.

Cosmo Kramer

The retired Edmonton bus driver needs to educate himself on history and politics. Fascism is a totalitarian system based on a close partnership and big business. Just like the NDP is working for with its close partnership with big pharma. The epitome of this is the Stakeholder Capitalism that is being promoted by the WEF in Canada by WEF young global leaders such as Jagmeet Singh.

Don't forget that N@zi is shorthand for National SOCIALIST. In Alberta the NDP are our provincial socialists who now differ very little from the 1930s n@zis. We have our own Prozis.


Note that the USSR stood for Union of Soviet Socialist appears that any form of extremism - socialist, fascist etc has a similar net effect on it's citizens. Hint: It doesn't end well.....

Forward Thinking

🤣😂🤣😂🤣 The NDP is lecturing us about dictatorship when they wrote the book. If you want you supposed constitutional right respected that makes you a dictator. Talk about Orwellian double speak. 🤡🌎


Exactly why should we give two s**ts what this clown thinks?


OK, has anyone actually seen this proposed tabled Bill, out side of MLA's? I can't find it anywhere. Yet many are commenting on it, so I suspect they must have read it. I will not accept anyone's opinion on this until I see it with my own eyes.

I tried to find it on the Alberta Government site, but there is only a 'outline' This is not good enough. I realize it will change as our parliament reviews it. So Im not surprised it is not out in its entirety... but I wont judge based on NDP input. I dont think anyone should. If you blindly accept someone else's opinion on something you have never seen then you are just a sheep

Jerry Terpstra

If we didnt have a hitler in Ottawa we woudnt have to think about things like this. The more the Feds reject this the more in favour I am becuase it has to be good for Alberta if its bad for the Feds.


Jerry you nailed it. The only reason this is needed is to stop the dictator in Ottawa. Mason is irrelevant.

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