Trudeau Parliament

So the SCOC ruled that federal imposition of taxes is more important than the provincial will of the people of the west. Did any Albertan think the outcome would be different? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. How many more times does this province have to get kicked in the groin by the east before its citizens wake the hell up and demand better treatment?  

It’s high time the people of Alberta demanded a referendum and sent a hard to message to Trudeau, Ontario, Quebec and (unfortunately) British Columbia that we are done being cornered, kicked around and bled to death cash wise.

The only way a school kid truly faces down a bully is when he’s had enough, stands up straight and tall bloodies the bullies nose and chases him home.

Wake up Alberta.

It’s time to stand up and bloody a few noses, and separate from this no win confederation. Playing the nice guy card just isn’t cutting it.

Jerry Burton

Edmonton, AB

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