Mike Pence

Mike Pence

Classified documents have been found in the home of Mike Pence, who served as Donald Trump’s vice-president.

The documents, numbering about a dozen according to CNN, were found in boxes at Pence’s Indiana home by Pence’s lawyer, Greg Jacob, at the request of Pence.


Myke Thomas is a Columnist for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in Calgary, Alberta. He has worked in television and as a columnist, reporter and editor at the Calgary Sun for 22 years.

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(3) comments

Forward Thinking

Mike "Benedict Arnold" Pence. 🤡🌏

Left Coast

Trump, Senile Joe and now Pence . . . .

Only ONE of the three had the power to de-classify anything he desired . . . and the only one to get a guns out FBI Raid . . . that was Trump.

Vice Presidents in spite of what brainless Whoppie has said do NOT have this power.


Go to the leftist-god Barrack's house next.

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