Calgary fireworks

Fireworks over the Centre Street Bridge in Calgary on July 1, 2017. 

Common Sense Calgary’s petition to bring back fireworks on Canada Day received almost 10,000 signatures as of Wednesday. 

“Despite launching less than 48 hours ago, on a holiday weekend, more than 5,000 Calgarians have already added their signature,” said Common Sense Calgary in a Tuesday statement. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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And who are these “voices” that asked for a “different kind” of celebration ???????? Let’s tie some names to these voices. Otherwise I’m calling this nothing but progressive commie lies and sleaseball leftist tactics to further erode and destroy our country.


I wish we all could afford to celebrate Truth and Reconciliation Day, but sadly I don't own a private jet, I don't want to needlessly pollute the environment by flying across the country. I certainly don't want to go surfing while putting all Canadian flags at half mast for 6 months, while not one single residential school unmarked grave occupant has been sent home to rest in peace among their family. See, we can play the point fingers, shame and blame game too.


Gee, it's almost like democracy in action... except the elected representatives need an elementary school level lesson in civics.


I’m sure Calgary is really really sick of stupid crapola like this. Jyoti Gondek will probably get re-elected with 2% less support next election.



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