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Sgt. Michael Elliott, head of the Edmonton Police Association, blasted former Justice Minister Kaycee Madu for suggesting a city police officer might have been racially profiling him when he was pulled over for distracted driving in a school zone.

Elliott tweeted Madu is “not deserving to be the Minister of Justice” after it was revealed he called Edmonton police chief Dale McFee shortly after being stopped and ticketed.

“I personally know the member who issued the ticket & to make an erroneous assumption he was surveilling you is shameful & preposterous! There is a complaint process if you had a legit issue. Calling chief directly is over the line & you do know better as the Minister,” Elliott tweeted.

“The audacity and arrogance is very clear and you are not deserving to be the Minister of Justice who is suppose to represent all citizens in a fair & impartial manner.”

Madu was fined $300 on March 10, 2021 after an Edmonton police officer caught him talking on his cellphone while driving through a playground zone.

Madu insisted the call was above board. 

“With hindsight, now I can see how that may be perceived,” Madu said in a lengthy Twitter statement.

In a series of social media posts, Madu indicated he contacted McFee to rule out possible racial profiling and police surveillance, citing the 2017 illegal surveillance of NDP Shannon Phillips by the Lethbridge City Police.

“First, due to the timing of the incident, I wanted to ensure that I was not being unlawfully surveilled following the Lethbridge Police Service controversy, and on my way to Legislature on a day I was meeting with the media to answer questions on Lethbridge Police Service.”

Premier Jason Kenney said he will appoint an independent investigator to determine if there was an “interference in the administration of justice in this case.”

Gosselin is a Western Standard reporter

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