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The Tories are set to make changes to Canadians’ streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ if Erin O’Toole becomes Prime Minister.

In their election platform released Monday, the Tories said they will also kill Bill C-10, intended to give the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission even more regulatory authority.

“We will replace it with legislation that updates the Broadcasting Act to deal with the realities of an increasingly online market and the need to provide businesses with certainty and consumers with choice,” said the Conservative platform.

The Tory changes will include:

• Require large digital streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video to reinvest a significant portion of their Canadian gross revenue into producing original Canadian programming, of which a mandated proportion must be French-language programming.

• If they fail to do so on their own in a given year, they will be required to pay the difference into the Canadian Media Fund.

• The proportion chosen will vary based on the nature of the streaming service and would be determined based on the best practices of other jurisdictions, such as those in Europe and Australia, as well as the nature of the Canadian market.

• Content reinvestment requirements will also recognize and incentivize partnerships with Canadian independent media producers.

• Exempt the content Canadians upload onto social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok from regulation in order to protect free speech.

• Streamline and reduce the regulatory burden placed on conventional Canadian broadcasters and cable companies, including CRTC license fees and Canadian Media Fund contribution requirements, with the loss in revenue to be compensated by a portion of the revenue from the new digital services tax.

• This will include abolishing CRTC Part II license fees.

“The health of the Canadian cultural sector depends on the continued viability and success of its private broadcasters. Conventional Canadian broadcasters and cable companies have experienced significant losses in subscribers and revenue in recent years due to the rise of online streaming services,” said the Tory platform.

“Canada’s Conservatives will also conduct a full review of the mandate of the CRTC to ensure that it better reflects the needs of Canadians and doesn’t prevent Canadian broadcasters from innovating and adapting to changes in the market.”

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