Carol Pearce Shine

A vigil is being held for Carol Pearce, the woman who died minutes after receiving her COVID-19 booster shot at Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) in Saskatoon.

The vigil goes from noon to 4 pm Saturday in front of SDM at 415 Herold Court in Saskatoon.

Carol Pearce

Carol Pearce

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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Free Canada

The Covid Vaxx will be a massive law suit once the facts come out. WS needs to report on the facts. This story is alarming, but zero facts here. We must stick to facts or the Vaxx community just laughs at you. So…. WS cover the Pfizer documents that are being slowly released in the USA. Talk about the FACT!! That Pfizer new of the many side effects of their Vaxx, and hid the info. Please WS, give us facts.

Jim Mason

When someone dies immediately following the ingestion of a lethal amount of, say, cocaine or heroin, is that also classified as death by 'natural causes'?


Isn't that what happens when one plays Russian Roulette??. WEF and Turdeau will be happy. The "vax" was designed to do do just that...Kill people.

Left Coast

Official figures provided by 29 European countries confirm there have been more excess deaths in 2022 across Europe than in 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as 2021 when a huge swathe of deaths occurred following the emergency use authorisation of the Covid-19 injections.

Unfortunately, analysis shows that the increase in 2022 is due to so many children and young adults now dying on a weekly basis.

Europe has now officially recorded 9,880 more excess deaths in 2022 than it recorded in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

It has also officially recorded 11,661 more excess deaths in 2022 than it recorded in 2021, despite the fact, there was an alleged huge Covid-19 wave of deaths at the beginning of 2021.

So, after successfully forcing them to launch a Europe-wide investigation into why so many children are dying, we are now calling on the European Union and EuroMOMO to launch a Europe-wide investigation into why there have been more excess deaths following the roll-out of the Covid-19 injections than there were prior to the roll-out and during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boris Hall

Did anyone imagine we would ever see this type of evil and deception in Canada?

Did anyone imagine our institutions and MSM would 100% support this evil and deception?

It’s surreal


The vaccine is so safe, it grants immunity from prosecution and responsibility for everyone involved.

Left Coast

Confirmed for First Time: Vaccines Cause Myocarditis Deaths, Says Oxford Study


when govt agencies across the word agree to lie to the people then you have a conspiracy, follow the money and you will find the criminals. Why does Bill Gates and Klaus Sob have so much power over us ?

Ms. P

It would be great is a reporter would investigate what a coroner's report entails in Canada. From reading some different resources, it appears this might shed further light on the extent of the "investigation."


Most people with basic human instinct are understanding why the leading cause of death in Alberta is classified as “unknown”

I don’t believe it changes by crossing provincial borders.


Of course they lied! Alberta is doing the same thing!!! A family member of mine also dropped dead from their shot in the pharmacy also..... when we got their death certificate it too said "unknown reason"!?! Wth!??? This person literally stopped breathing and an ambulance had to be called, transported to hospital where the staff calls them dead, and the coroner and medical establishment says "unknown cause"?

The medical community is CORRUPT and disgusting! You can NOT trust them, they've sold out for the almighty dollar!!! These poc LIARS only care about protecting their own skin and do NOT care anymore about "do no harm."!

I used to work in the medical community, I have seen the corruption first hand and got fired for speaking out about it! They do NOT want to change either, they are more interested in saving their own skins and status quo!

You can NOT trust the medical community!

Wake the heck up Canada!


Two days after her third Jab, my otherwise healthy neighbor, got ill and called for an ambulance and had a stroke on the way to the hospital, she had a second stoke at the hospital! She had complained about not feeling good after each of her jabs, but after the third was the worst. She is 72, so there will be no kind of investigation or no kind of record keeping. AHS is a complete failure! Deena Hinshaw is culpable.


It's just "natural causes" and there's nothing to see here? Seriously?! Are we living through the plot of a dystopian novel? Please tell me people won't simply accept this asinine conclusion from the MoH.

Woodrow George


Voice of Reason

Are you mental? Have you even listened to yourself? 9/11 an inside job? Just atop!


They need to hold the MoH to the fire.

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