Power lines

Power lines 

As we watched numerous European countries in 2022 reactivate their shuttered coal power plants. it's become apparent when push comes to shove, energy security and inflation trump emissions obligations.

Ironically, Canada’s rejection of coal power over the past 15 years came about after the Europeans began (naively) to replace their base-load coal and nuclear plants with back-up natural gas power, wind and solar. Now, as Europe does everything in its power to save its citizens from the effects of these failed policies, I find myself asking has Alberta likewise given up energy security for emissions reduction by paying $1.5 billion to decommission its coal power fleet?' The answer is 'yes.' Here's what happened.

Price and Alberta Internal Load

Joseph Fournier is a research scientist with 15 years experience in technology innovation specific to industrial environmental performance. He is currently enjoying life as a rancher near Rockyford Alberta.

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Left Coast

How about a few Facts on CO2 . . . 3 years old but very relevant . . .

World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University)


Left Coast

The concept of burying CO2 is Scientifically ignorant & certainly no benefit to a country covered in Wheat Fields & Forests.

CO2 is NOT Carbon . . . it is a harmless Gas than enables the growth of plants . . . many of which man depends on for food. If CO2 doubled tomorrow no one but the Petunias would notice. To be a problem for life it would have to pass 60,000 ppm.

Dr Darko Butina Physicist says "We know that the total emissions/reabsorption of CO2 by nature makes emissions of CO2 by burning fossil fuels totally insignificant and lost in the instrumental accuracy levels."

The IPCC/UN propaganda demonizes CO2 . . . yet the vast majority of GH Gas on the planet is Water Vapor . . . most created by Ocean Evaporation which is impossible to constrain. And of course cannot be tied to YOUR Wallet!

Some more Real Science "We know that every single molecule of CO2 is surrounded by 2500 molecules that are NOT CO2 and therefore any theoretical blanket built from CO2 fibers that supposedly is surrounding the Earth is practically made of NOTHING."

And the Elephant in the room . . . the IPCC & their 100+ Komputers have been WRONG for 30 years . . . . why you ask?

"We know that all the knowledge about the physical world comes from experiments that can be validated and not from calculations that cannot be validated. And yet, everything about man-made global warming is about calculations and NOTHING about measurements."


We share many similar opinions on this topic. However, I recognize that the Supreme Court has sided with the LPC on their climate taxation scheme over the province's. That is our reality and until a change in Law occurs, we must also be pragmatic and devise a way to still maintain the Alberta Advantage.


There is a theory that co2 somehow controls the earths temperature. There is no lmperical evidence of this. We do know that co2 is essential for photosynthesis. The present level of about 420 ppm is low for optimum plant growth, 800 would be better. So why are we spending good resources storing it?


Simple answer is because the Supreme Court of Canada has sided with the LPC climate taxation regulations. Until we see a change in Law, Albertans must adapt and find a way forward that allows us to maintain our economic advantage that is derived from our plentiful energy resources.


All very accurate and logical, but for the fact we in Alberta are fighting an uphill battle against scientific fact and logic with the current federal regime at every bend in the road.


Thank you for this informative article. Notley was never ready to govern Alberta when she was elected just as she is still not ready to govern. She came up with these disastrous ideas such as shutting down the coal fired generators. She wanted to shut down pipelines until she finally realized that she needed that money. Alberta prosperity was set back for decades because of the NDP. Heaven help us if the sheople in the cities elect her again.


Thank goodness for informed and thoughtful comments about critical public policy issues, versus Notley like reactions based on beliefs

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