Han Dong

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They did what? Global TV alleges that a Canadian-born MP of Chinese heritage secretly advised a Chinese diplomat in 2021 against releasing the ‘Two Michaels.’

Why? Because it would benefit the Conservative Party.

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Nigel Hannaford is Opinion Editor of the Western Standard based in the Calgary Headquarters. He was a senior columnist and editorial board member of the Calgary Herald from 1999-2009, and served as the chief speechwriter to Stephen Harper from 2009-2015.

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Give trudeau the louis riel treatment, the end of a rope.

Alberta Rules

Blah Blah Blah, more BS talk and as usual nothing will happen. When are any of YOU reading this understand that NOTHING will be done to any Politician under the present corrupt judiciary..? It is so corrupt that even the judges , the clowns in the black robes think that they own you. THEY DON'T....Until we use Common LAW that ALL Police swore to serve and protect under the Constitution ( The Supremacy of God ) Nobody can indict Trudeau or any other Politician...Enough said

Des Zacharias

No kidding...it's sickening...of course it's treason but because of the treasonous pile at the top NOTHING will come of it


First of all, since Canadian law says we must give this man the benefit of the doubt until he is proven guilty, we need an immediate police/CSIS investigation into his activities. Resigning from the Liberal caucus isn't enough if he is guilty - he must face jail time. Secondly, there are a lot bigger fish in an open-water investigation into treason by our elected leaders. Chrystia Freeland is clearly compromised with her participation on the Board of Trustees of the WEF. Trudeau and Singh were both indoctrinated as Young Global Leaders; Klaus Schwab once bragged that Trudeau was more loyal to the WEF than he is to Canada. That in itself may not be treasonous, but we need to keep our antennae up, and we need to keep an eye on his entire band of misfits.


The parallels with the "Wizard of Oz" movie become striking. I am patiently waiting for the ending when the little house, lifted by the tornado, falls on the wicked Witch of the West and they all sing: Ding Dong, the witch is dead.

(couldnt resist........)

Tracy ooa

Yes I agree that if these allegations are proven true Mr. Dongs offence very likely is treasonous.In the meantime he needs to be completely removed from his seat .I also agree that even the most rose coloured glasses Trudeau Liberal apologist will find the images of the 2 Michaels imprisonment in Chinese prison for one day or one second longer as result of Dong's advise to the CCP for political gain over the Conservatives deeply disturbing


MPs can vote him out of the Commons to protect the integrity of the peoples house. He said in the House that the allegations are false. This is the most grievous offence if shown that he has lied on the record in the House. He has resigned from the Liberal Caucus. He should resign his seat in the Commons.


There are committees set up to investigate the Chinese influence in Canadian politics and both committees are within government as the Liberal/NDP defeated the motion for a PUBLIC inquiry.

Is there also a police investigation happening at the same time? If so, I have not heard anything about it.

There needs to be both a CSIS and RCMP investigation into Han Dong and the Chinese influence in the Vancouver mayor election and the major investigation required is the Chinese influence on the Federal elections.

Did Trudeau know, was he elected because of the Chinese involvement.

There is enough "smoke" to make me think something is definitely wrong and the Liberal attempt at preventing Telford from testifying confirms it.

If there is proven corruption in the election, then both Trudeau and Singh should be taken to court.


Bring in CSIS and arrest them all. If CSIS has the evidence, why discuss a National Inquiry that gets no where. Sick of this nonsense. I thought CSIS is there to protect citizens, not corrupt government.

Alberta Rules

Think again Brenda......C S I S is part of the RCMP which is in itself , is nothing but a corrupt service corporation owned by Charles that leech in England ( Yes that one in England that most people still hold in high esteem ) They write " policy " NOT LAW. And forget about any Governor General, she is another puppet owned by Charles , does his bidding and makes $200,000.00 plus dollars annually ( with an expense account of another $200,000.00 ) ....Wake up Canada...


CSIS is an independent non-police federal agency. They were created (mainly by Trudeau Sr.) to handle intelligence investigations in place of the RCMP (security services). The RCMP did not however leave the intelligence game.


Trudeau, still ignoring CSIS warnings that Dong might be involved in alleged Chinese electoral interference, said he was “extraordinarily happy” to have Dong as a Liberal MP and warned off critics: “I want to make everyone understand fully that Dan Hong is an outstanding member of our team and suggestions that he somehow not loyal to Canada should not be entertained.”

If only we had a police force that worked for the good of the nation ...


Along the same line, let's look at Crysta Freeland and the WEF


Yes, Freeland needs to be in court now! Politicians cannot be allowed to cancel rules and laws for any reason.






How many times does Trudeau and this government commit treason. They must be arrested!


This is what happens when mass-immigration causes foreigners to take over our country. Interesting how you people can’t see this obvious connection.



S. Ivory

that's "cannot", not "can"

S. Ivory

It just can be said aloud, but you want to bet it's being said interiorly

Alberta Rules

Amen Brother...See my above comment


Interesting that the MP departed from the liberal party immediately after this was discovered. Independent? Maybe he sees what's coming down the pike and doesn't want to get flushed downstream



Alberta Farmer

As far as I’m concerned Blackface pedophile Trudeau has committed Treason more than once too!




Suspect that it may be the tip of a very large iceberg. It may be reasonable to suspect that there is a great deal of activity in intelligence circles - possibly directed as to where the ship is leaking from.

The extreme left is continually decrying and belittling any belief in the concept that foreign influence through various means is consistently being developed and entrenched in Canada. This not to the benefit of Canada.

It is conceivably not as pervasive as extreme theorists, (right/left/center etc) would have all believe but it is also naïve to believe that Canada is anything but a very soft and possibly willing target to inimical interests. Perhaps aided and abetted by those who are ardent supporters of an eventual realization of the adoption of a socialist paradigm.

Aside: Note that China has fairly simple firearms laws - a citizen can't own one, (one or two very narrow exceptions in the distant herding areas). Perhaps the impetus for such laws in Canada is an exercise in deductive logic.


We have already been shown that Chinese troops have been training on our military bases, Chinese scientists working and stealing property from our Level 4 bio lab and the RCMP are currently investigating Chinese 'police stations' in Montreal and the revelation that there's at least 3 in the GTA. This message HAS to be pounded continually into the average Canadian's head to make them realize this latest act of treason is NOT a one off. If average Canadians ignore this then there is truly no hope for us. Absolutely, undoubtedly, the CCP is at the very least, influencing Liberal government policy and legislation such as Bill C-11. More than likely, the CCP is directing Liberal government policies.

Tracy ooa



I would assume it will be swept under the rug like everything else, next thing you no they will start arresting conservative MPs, and as far as this treasonous traitor in this story he needs to be deported to China to be with the government he supports he’s even worse of a traitor being born in Canada.



Ronald J.

This type of cut is too deep not to notice so it will be investigated and handled the legal way. The Liberals are sweating now and it's beginning to sizzle as time advances. Good on them.


As long as the liberals are in power, "it will be investigated and handled in the LIBERAL way", there, fixed it for you.


If the NDP Liberal PM could offer sycophant Singh an accelerated path to his gold plated taxpayer funded government pension in less than 6 years (Feb 2025) that is the only thing that will move him to an ethical and patriotic position. I stand to be corrected.


Mr. Singh appears to be a perfect sail - he is most adamantly directional depending on which way the wind is blowing.


There are a number of words that we, in Canaduh, spell differently than our American neighbours.

Here are a few examples:

neighbor versus neighbour

meter versus metre

center versus centre

The biggest spelling difference, American versus Canadian is:

Traitor versus TRUDEAU


The coverup always gets you...hmmmm..makes good sense now

Only Freedom Matters Now

Wow! Just wow! If this doesn’t wake the useful idiots up nothing will. Even I didn’t think these people were these disgusting.


Unfortunately, there is a difference between asleep and unconscious.




Most Canadians are either asleep on the hoof or willfully ignorant.

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