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RE: CRTC consider banning Fox News from Canadian tv over 'anti-trans' content

I need to weigh in on this topic to save Canada from the bias of the out-of-touch leftist’s lip-erals.

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Let's just import the free thinking Tucker Carlson into one of our 'non-bought' media companies.........Fox is owned by the inscrutable WEF clan (Blackrock, Vanguard, Dodge and Cox, Murdoch).

Rusty Pipes

The writer of this opinion piece forgot to include the attack on law abiding firearms owners and the Liberal governments malicious confiscation of legal lawfully acquired property, ie: firearms. History has many examples of how dictatorships of the past confiscated all firearms from their citizenry then proceeded with the serial abuse and exterminations of certain segments of their populations. This is another page right out the the Na*i playbook of the 1930s in Germany. Interesting indeed just how many other parallels that Trudeau has already initiated from that same playbook such as eventual usurping total control over the media and abolishing any dissent or freedom of speech, and censorship of the population.


So well said. And yes I agree with both the writer of this article and you -

“Rusty Pipes”. Thank you.


I think the Liberals and cbc are afraid of Fox News mainly because they are the most honest news agency in North America and it constantly makes our main stream media look like news regurgatators of misinformation from other main stream media outlets.


This censorship law cannot survive. Liberals can't plug every hole. Truth leaks like water.


I hope you're right Raz. So far, it ain't workin. Bill C-11 is a testament to this.




Yes, it does. Can you see the Sock puppet and the Great Pumpkin trying to regulate Elon Musk's StarLink internet?

"no, no, you can't fly those satellites over Canaduh, that is our Outer Space"



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