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Re: Wagner, Alberta independence is the clear choice

I have and continue to be a strong advocate for independence, but I realized a long time ago that until all of these so-called independents found a way to get along, nothing would ever come of it.

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In order to get close to separation, Alberta would need its own police force, revenue agency, a complete removal of federal interference and probably its own currency.

Sounds like Quebec, non?


As long as oil prices remain elevated, we will never elect a separatist government provincially. There are very very few real separatists in Alberta. The movement gains momentum only when things get bad enough economically and politically (BOTH must occur). I'm a separatist, and will always vote that way. But I also realize the movement doesn't stand a real chance until we have a tyrant in Ottawa (this part is easy because we ALWAYS have a tyrant in Ottawa) and an economy that has cratered. If the economy is in decent shape Albertans can buy their shiny things and ignore the fact that they are good little obedient. Historically this has always been the way, and always will be the way. People have to be losing everything before they will contemplate separating, and even then its a long shot.


To many Liberal/NDP indoctrinated Eastern and foreign imports in the province to ever see that happen.

Ron Voss

When it comes to the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta it is divided within itself. A division between tyrannical provincial board and its members.

Barron Not Barron

Indeed, all of these parties want to "lead"- so, basically they want to "collect taxes".. so they will never have to work again! Albertans can't see beyond a foot ahead. They just can't. It is a matter of IQ, which is rather low. Not just their IQ is low, but in general, the populations have a low IQ. It is why you are in the situation you allowed others to put you where you belong - because obviously, you decided to be nice and stay put.. " So instead of uniting against a united tyranny, you decide to divide yourselves. So, no chance of success.

"Peaceful protesters" don't get stuff done, when it is about parasites to get off their necks! You need to squash a parasite, or it won't get off.

Alberta Rules

Amen Baron...I have also written to all the so called parties here in Alberta, stating that we all have to join and do what's right for Alberta, no answer from either of them..They all talk the talk, but none will walk the walk. Ever notice they all talk about being " grassroots "..?..Some much bullshit, its too deep in here..

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