President Biden 24 March 2023 Ottawa

U.S. President Joe Biden, pictured at the Parliament of Canada during his visit March 24th, 2023.

Seems that the biggest source of misinformation and disinformation is the denials, stonewalling, messaging and value signaling by the Canadian government wordsmiths. The Biden visit was just a chance for each leader to wax eloquent (reading from cue cards) and try to appear to be strong world leaders (photo ops).

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Big government equals less freedom.

Left Coast

Two of the most inept & clueless leaders on the Planet get together . . . and read from Cue Cards. Canadians elected our Moron 3 times now . . . Senile Joe got in via a Fraud Election.

No wonder the Western Democracies are in steep decline . . . .

How long till we look like France?

"But now the gravy train is running dry, and France is aflame. The protests are enormous and destructive. According to CNN, “More than a million people took to the streets across France on Thursday with protests turning violent in some areas…. French police said around 1,000 people acted ‘violently,’ setting fires, launching smoke bombs and damaging property. In the southwestern city of Bordeaux, protesters set fire to the entrance of the city hall during ongoing clashes with police.”"

LOL (Little Old Lady)

[thumbup] Thanks for saying so eloquently what so many of us have been thinking for years!


Thanks for the great summary!

Jerry Terpstra

So true.


So true and when do the tax payers get their say and will it be free from corruption.

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