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The Independence Party of Alberta would like to know why you never showed any interest in its leadership convention. The Independence Party wants to congratulate and welcome Artur Pawlowski to his new role as leader.

"Many people in the Chinese-Canadian community are very upset by Poilievre’s lack of apology, or condemnation of Mackenzie."

"I wonder if the "low injection rate" for Sask. is because more people woke up to the real agenda that is being played out around the world."

"The rightwing populist shtick may work in sparsely populated Western Canada, but not in the seat rich areas of urban Canada needed to topple the Trudeau Liberals."

"Keep up the good work brother. Its refreshing to see someone with your gift of articulate writing say what were all thinking."

"CPC voters can pick a moderate like Charest as their next leader and win the next election, or they can pick a right winger like Poilievre and hand victory to the Trudeau Liberals"