By the end of the week, all BC adult residents are able to register for a COVID-19 vaccine.

When will the media start sending out the message vaccinated people can spread COVID-19 just as easy as non-vaccinated people.  In fact, maybe easier due to the mindset of invincibility they feel once vaccinated.

Start spreading the news the experimental drug vaccine only helps your personal immune system. It does not cure, make you immune, or stop you from spreading COVID-19.

The rising list of possible side effects to this untested long-term drug is scary, yet the media seems to ignore this except whatever the Pharma and government passes out. 

How come we don’t hear how many positives have been passed by vaccinated people? 

Alberta is being looked at as redneck. Well, I like it. It’s about time somebody stood up to the bull crap that’s being handed down. 

I think every unvaccinated person, when forced to stand in a line or segregated out, should stand in the line of the vaccinated. Slow the system down. 

Should tell the readers medical history is private.  If I have to sign a document for another doctor to see my records what authority does someone have to even ask me for my medical status to board a plane or get food etc.

Jerry Terpstra

Brooks, AB

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