MAKICHUK: Is Justin Trudeau worse than Trump?

Trump and Trudeau.
Trump and Trudeau.CBC video grab

Let's face it, much has been said about former President Donald Trump, and his past and current milieu.

You can't tune into CNN without catching a Trump report or discussion — Ukraine and even Israel have been sent to the backburner.

Once again, Trump is king of the mainstream media. Non-stop reports, to the point where you want to projectile vomit.

On top of that, the fear that Trump could win again — and he could. A revenge presidency, that will cause havoc.

Or, will it?

We as smug Canadians look on, and think we are so much better, so much superior to Americans. Gosh, we would never vote in someone like that.

We are, Canadian!

But let's just hold on a second and have a second look.

Has anyone ever compared Trump to our fearless leader, Justin Trudeau?

At the defining moment in Canada's history, as we also approach a federal election, perhaps it is time to ask the big question: Is Justin Trudeau worse than Donald Trump?

I hate to say it, but it's a fair question. So, let's give it a go.


President Trump has been compared to a snake oil salesman, who couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

A liar of all liars, a selfish man who cannot be trusted in any shape or form, according to mainstream media and his political rivals.

But perhaps also a man, who believes his own lies. Let's face it, he is convincing and has much support in the US.

He does have the trust of millions of voters, despite alleging the election was stolen. And with each new indictment, some of which may be politically motivated, he seems to gain new support.

Keep in mind, with enough prosecutors, a ham sandwich can be indicted in the United States of America.

Will he be granted immunity from his legal troubles? That shoe has yet to drop. His lawyers have also appealed the Colorado ballot ban.

Now, onto our pal, Justin Trudeau.

Time and time again, Justin has displayed a penchant for not exactly being totally truthful.

So far, and despite several major scandals, he has remained largely teflon, escaping by the skin of his teeth.

It helps to have the CBC in your pocket, defending you at every turn, of course, as well as the RCMP, which always looks the other way.

So much for always "getting their man," eh.

As one of my friends quipped, perhaps the real difference is that Justin hasn't been caught yet?

So as far as trustworthiness, this is a tie.


Under the Trump presidency, the economy was good, markets were good, things seem to be rolling along well. My mutuals did great and it was fun seeing them go up and up every day.

Some will say it's because of President Obama but there doesn't seem to be much consensus on that.

Trump also forced new trade agreements on Canada, which left us on the back heel. Freeland fought hard but in the end Trump won.

He also supported the Keystone XL pipeline — a major coup for Canada.

Trudeau, on the other hand, is an economic disaster in the making.

When he finally leaves, he will have left a Grand Canyon of debt and if he stays, he will continue to try to wipe out the oil and gas industry and damage the agricultural sector.

The impact of his green policies meshed with new taxes and overspending are leading us on a road to ruin, driving away investors and crushing the middle class.

Even worse, is his obsession with pushing through damaging legislation. Even free speech on the Internet is now in question.

As of today, I can't even post a news story on my Facebook. It is blocked, thanks to the idiotic Liberal legislation.

None of these things are good for Canada.

Trump wins this one, hands down!


Trump has been maligned on every side, for his political stands: demonizing illegal immigrants and pushing for a wall between the US and Mexico for starters.

His sole purpose, Making America Great Again (MAGA), draining the political swamp in Washington and pushing isolationist policies has also received massive criticism and pushback.

Let's not even talk about his plan to buy Greenland, or his recommendation to drink bleach to stave off COVID. Yes, he is not exactly a rocket scientist.

But I'll tell you one thing; he was right about the wall. The situation at the US/Mexico border has devolved into a crisis and Americans are not happy about it.

So how about Trudeau? Is he a member of the tall forehead club?

Well, going by his numerous scandals, flubs and follies, including his political stand against his own people during the convoy protests in Ottawa and many other disasters, I don't really think he's that much more intelligent or politically savvy than The Donald.

In fact, the guy has little or no political experience, has never operated a business, has never run any organization, until he took over the reins to the PMO. He was a drama teacher, FFS.

Demonizing grocers for higher food prices, when it is his own carbon taxes that are boosting transportation costs, which are in turn, impacting the cost of living.

Trump also never dressed up in blackface for Halloween — at least he had the sense not to do something so stupid. And while Trump is not greatly respected overseas, he is taken seriously and he is feared.

Justin isn't taken seriously ... Xi Jinping mocked him in front of media, made him look like a fool, which he is.

As crazy as Trump is — and man, he is crazy — politically, I think he's several horse-lengths ahead of the young punk.


Speaking honestly, I don't think there's a whole lot of empathy in the Trump makeup. The guy only cares for himself and could not give a damn about his country, or anyone in it.

He likes making up nasty names for people and mocking them.

So no, not lots of empathy.

As for Trudeau, he pretends to have empathy. What other political leader would throw carbon tax over carbon tax at the pumps, to hurt Canadians already reeling from COVID-19 and a soaring cost of living?

Justin only cares for the voters in Quebec and Ontario, that's what he cares about.

He doesn't give a good goddam about the West and all his policies pretty much telegraph that.

I will cut Justin some slack on this one and call it a tie.


No comparison here — Trump was big on the military, although he did threaten to pull out of NATO and has suggested he might accomplish that if he returns to the White House.

Trump also berated Canada for not walking the talk and not paying their fair share in NATO. Meanwhile, Trudeau continues the Canadian tendency to kick the can down the road when it comes to backing the military.

Canada has finally ordered F-35 jet fighters, new long-range Boeing P8A surveillance aircraft and after many decades, much needed MQ-9B Reaper drones.

But under the Liberals, Canada is no longer trusted, being left out of the lucrative AUKUS agreement, which includes the US, the UK and Australia.

Our air force is currently in crisis, our NORAD defence completely useless against growing Russian and Chinese Arctic aggression, our Navy in disarray, our sub force a complete joke.

While we have strong and loyal troop forces, as good as anybody else in the word, or better, never before has Canada been so undefended.

A shameful situation reminiscent of the 1930s.

Trump wins this one, by a country mile.


A future under Trump is a big question mark.

If he turns it into a revengeful turkey shoot, that will not be for the good of America. It will only settle scores.

There's nothing wrong with shaking things up, the establishment never likes that.

He will no doubt hire and fire at the same rate as before, and spout crazy statements, such as saying Abraham Lincoln could have stopped the civil war by negotiating.

And yeah, he is a threat to democracy, no question. He has a radical following.

But while many think the sky will fall, I actually think it won't. I think America can and will survive Trump.

If the US democracy lasted this long, it will go on.

So, will Canada survive another Trudeau term?

This is a complicated question. Canada, no doubt, will go on, but the potential damage being done to Confederation is so great, the Justin after-effect on future generations could be unfixable.

A tragic end, to a once-great country.

Unlike some Canadians, wealthy ones who are abandoning the country, I am not going anywhere.

I am going to stick it out, no matter what. Holding hope, Canadians will do the right thing when it counts.

Long live our great country.

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