The Truckers for Freedom convoy made headlines around the world and inspired similar actions from as far away as Australia and Bolivia. The movement has already been a success as it demonstrated the number of Canadians becoming fed up with COVID-19 restrictions is growing and represents a sizable number of citizens. Decision makers may deny it, but the protests will be influencing their policy choices in days to come.

The convoy also exposed the rotten underbelly of Canada’s legacy media establishment as slanted coverage repulsed Canadians and even Americans. Here at the Western Standard we are breaking records for new subscribers as appalled citizens flee mainstream outlets and seek out independent media such as ours. That certainly is a positive outcome not just for us but for independent media in general.

Senior Columnist & Host

Cory Morgan is a Senior Alberta Columnist and the Host the Cory Morgan Show for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters. He previously served as Opinion Editor.

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