Stephen Harper-Headshot

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The aftermath of the 2019 federal election feels a lot like the 2000 election all over again. And it should.

Canada’s 37th general election saw the Canadian Alliance based in Western Canada face off against a Liberal Prime Minister from Quebec steeped in corruption controversy and ethics violations. The Liberal party based its campaign strategy almost entirely along regional lines, openly vilifying the West in general, and Alberta in particular. The media went along for the ride, gleefully parroting baseless Liberal attacks regarding abortion and gay rights. It was a caustic election campaign that tore at the very fabric of national unity.  Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and interior BC were locked out, and the Bloc was reinvigorated as a viable political force.

Stockwell Day-headshot

Former Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day

Ted Morton-headshot

Former Alberta Finance Minister and PC Leadership Candidate Ted Morton

Trudeau on WE scandal: Case  closed

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