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What absolute rot.

That’s sums up Mi’kmaw lawyer Pamela Palmater’s vile rant against People’s Party of Canada supporters published by Maclean’s.

Lord, hurry and protect us. According to Palmater, nearly one million far-right haters across Canada pose a danger to society. 

These awful people with “deeply embedded racist views” are cleverly disguised as housewives cradling children, labourer’s, seniors, medical professionals, business owners, and Canadians of all ages from all walks of life.

Many aren’t even white.

The “fertile ground” that attracted them to plot their phantom nefarious deeds were peaceful PPC election rallies held across Canada. 

PPC didn’t win any seats, but leader Maxime Bernier isn’t going away. He’ll be back next election to rattle the “legacy” parties and continue fighting for Canadian’s rights and freedoms. 

They know that. It frightens them. All of them. Voters gravitated to PPC from the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. It’s possible some Greens even saw the light.

So let the rabid attacks, intimidation, character assassinations, and fearmongering begin targeting 800,000 and counting Canadians who voted PPC, triple the 2019 count.

Palmater lamented that Liberals failed to achieve a majority government in a $650-million election.

“However, the results did reveal a growing threat to public safety that has been largely unaddressed – the rise of far-right groups who have used the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic to gain support,” wrote Palmater, distressed that the PPC gained support.

“The party has been able to rally the angry anti-maskers and those opposed to pandemic health measures under their far-right umbrella.”

The rise, in her mind only, of “far-right populist rhetoric” that’s “radicalizing young Canadians” poses a “risk to Canadians — especially black, indigenous, and radicalized people and women.”

“The PPC platform contained just the right combination of commitments to speak to those far-right ideologies, anti-indigenous views, pandemic gripes and proven attitudes, including their promises to maximize freedom of expression (allow more hate speech), cut funding to universities if they silence those espousing hateful views, cut funding for CBC, cut funding for foreign aid, and lower the number of immigrants and stop the flow of refugees into Canada.”

That reads like a Liberal press release.

Palmater urged the Liberals to not let these PPC types get away with this madness.

She unwittingly exposed herself as the racist she says PPC supporters are. What’s most disturbing is as chair of the indigenous governance at Ryerson University she’s able to poison young minds with her vitriol.

Palmater’s so concerned about the PPC’s call to cut foreign aid, she forgot to mention the lack of clean drinking on First Nations. About 50 boil-water advisories are in effect. Shouldn’t Canadians, especially indigenous children, be taken care of first? 

Those Liberals Palmater carries water for terrorized and pushed out former attorney general Jodi Wilson-Raybould because she upheld the law. Exactly which minority, indigenous women is Palmater concerned about?

If she really cared about indigenous people, she’d focus on real issues like that.

Palmater ignored facts that don’t fit her dishonest narrative. She provided no evidence of the anti-indigenous views she accused PPC of holding because they don’t exist.

Indigenous PPC candidates ran in four ridings. 

When Bernier was blanketed by Papaschase Chief Calvin Bruneau as a traditional sign of respect and protocol afforded visitors, Liberal supporters attacked his freedom of expression.

Imagine PPC candidate Donnan McKenna’s shock to learn he’s a racist hankering to cause trouble. The former Mountie ran in Dauphin-Sawn River-Neepawa. 

“It’s little wonder that these rags require government money to stay afloat,” he said in response to Palmater’s Maclean’s article. “It’s entertaining to read political propaganda as it sounds like a desperate call from Chicken Little telling everyone to be afraid.”

The PPC supports freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect and is the only party that doesn’t use divisive racist rhetoric, he said.

“By the way, I have two black sisters and my grandson just got his treaty card. This doesn’t make me or anyone else special, it means that like you I’m a Canadian… Don’t be afraid of the propaganda machine. In spite of all the money the Liberals pay for these rags to spout nonsense, libel and drivel, their days are numbered as more Canadians are waking up,” he told Western Standard.

Palmater isn’t alone in obediently spewing nonsense.

“Two regular La Presse columnists, Isabelle Hachey and Patrick Lagacé, wrote similar stuff yesterday. Lagacé even referred to our supporters as brown shirts,” PPC spokesman Martin Masse told Western Standard.

“They confuse us with authoritarian fascists, when we are in fact anti-authoritarian libertarians. They claim we are racist and white supremacist, when in fact we unite people from all backgrounds who share our mainstream conservative/classical liberal values. They think our populist, anti-elite approach is indicative that we are willing to use violence to attain our goals, when it is simply a rejection of the dominant leftist and statist establishment.”

The attempt to “demonize” PPC is “a sign of panic as they are losing control of the narrative.”

“They are pathetic. These far-left idiots either are completely delusional and have no clue at all what they’re talking about or are willing to lie and distort reality to push their agenda.”

Likely both. And they’re just getting started.

Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard

Senior Columnist (Manitoba)

Linda Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard based out of Winnipeg. She has been an investigative columnist for the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Alberta Report.

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