The Holy Grail of Nutrition: Discover the Native Americans’ secret to health and longevity

Shawn MacDonald, Swampy Cree Nation member and family patriarch, says "the wisdom of our ancestors was to maintain a strict diet of simple, natural, and raw foods."
Shawn MacDonald, Swampy Cree Nation member and family patriarch, says "the wisdom of our ancestors was to maintain a strict diet of simple, natural, and raw foods."The Wellness Company

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The Cree Nation of the Great Plains has a secret.

Scientists have researched for years what makes the Cree so tall and strong. In fact, according to Scientific American, they are the tallest group of people in the world, averaging 2 cm taller than their white counterparts.

Says Dr. Richard Stekel of Ohio State University,

“The Plains Indians had a remarkable record of nutritional and health success, despite the enormous pressures they were under. They developed a healthy lifestyle that the white Americans couldn't match, even with all of their technological advantages."

Enter the bison

For at least 10,000 years, Cree hunters pursued bison across the frigid plains. Meat from a single bison is enough to feed a family for months, making it a vital food source.

But that’s not all the bison provided.

Each grass-fed, free-range bison contains more than 100 lbs of the most nutrient-dense organs known to man. The trifecta of kidney, liver and heart has been prized by the Cree for providing abundant vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids.

Wisdom of our ancestors

Shawn MacDonald, Swampy Cree Nation member and family patriarch, explains:

“Scientists have studied our tribe for years, asking how do we maintain such exceptional health? Our traditional explanation was to always follow the wisdom of our ancestors — maintain a strict diet of simple, natural, and raw foods."

"But our bison stunned the researchers, proving what we’ve known for generations: bison organs are the most nutrient-rich, bioavailable and sustainable source of vital nutrients known to man."

Bison pills are "Mother Nature's miracle," says Shawn MacDonald.
Bison pills are "Mother Nature's miracle," says Shawn MacDonald.The Wellness Company

These bison organs are Mother Nature’s miracle – providing nutritional and hormonal support such as no other food source on Earth.

Back to basics

Bison organs have been impossible to find outside tribal lands, until now. Shawn MacDonald announces:

“We are proud to offer our bison organs to the world through our humble tribal company, Naked Organs. Naked Organs is the Holy Grail of nutrition: 100% pure freeze-dried bison organs with NO additives, fillers, preservatives, pesticides, hormones or GMOs. Only time-tested nutrients that make our people thrive."

In every sustainable bag of Bison Trifecta, you get an ancestral combination of bison heart, kidney and liver ethically sourced by local Cree in Alberta, Canada. The easy-to-swallow capsules provide:

  • Rare peptides for athletic performance

  • Diamine oxidase (DAO) to help break down histamines and boost nutrient absorption

  • Adrenals to help balance hormones, mood and mental clarity

  • Essential fatty acids your body needs to combat inflammation

  • The most bioavailable daily vitamins and minerals you need to maintain your health

If you or someone you love would like to turbocharge their nutrition with clean, natural, and potent products trusted by generations, try Naked Organs Bison Trifecta today.

What people are saying about the Naked Organs Bison Trifecta:

"A Must Have Supplement. So far this product has been excellent for me. It’s helped with athletic performance in the gym and all around feeling great throughout the day. Highly recommended if you want to get benefits of heart, liver and kidney all in one." – Spencer D.

"Definitely recommended! Big burst of nutrients in every serving, increased energy, and overall balance in mood since I've started taking trifecta." – Daniel R.

"Dont hesitate, try it!!! Incredible product. The main staple of my supplements. Mentally and physically I have never felt better." – Jay M.

"Excellent! I’ve been taking them for just over a week so far but already feel a difference in my energy! Can’t wait to see how I feel after a few months! 10/10 recommend." – Simone R.

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