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“As a coach, I would have rather just continue to get blown out if I was Jay Woodcroft because I don’t want anybody thinking we were close to winning that game,” said Craig MacTavish.

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The Flames have firepower and were the best team in Alberta through 82 games in the regular season. My prediction, Smith can't handle the Flames firepower. The Flames will be victorious in the second round vs the Oilers in five games.

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“You dream of that moment since you are a little kid, and being able to do it to help your team win a close match makes it all so much better.” 

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In the Battle of Alberta, the Calgary Flames will see eight home games and two road games pushed back., while the Edmonton Oilers have five home games and four road games rescheduled.

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Additional games have also been postponed for the Colorado Avalanche and Florida Panthers in the coming days due to concerns with the number of positive cases in the last two days.