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I have noticed this. At Canadian Frontline Nurses events, most any rally/protest you can name, PPC is the only political presence.

Why is that?

Every political party talks about change. But few actually show the flag where the rubber hits the road.

The …


YourLordship commented on Horgan to step down as BC premier

You have pegged that one accurately. Horgan, Trudeau, many others, are a sign that Canada is now simply a suicide pact. Out, is the only way.


It is all very simple.

You, are a carbon based lie form.

When anyone talks about reducing carbon; you are the carbon they want to "reduce".

Always. Without exception. Anti-carbon is anti-human. Full stop. Carbon tax, is a tax on life itself.


Oh look. Someone hinting at "unelectable". Someone hinting at "too extreme".

You've listened to people like this before, elected the leaders you were assured were "safe, and have widespread appeal".

How did that work out for you with Jason 'lockdown' Kenney?


I want a premier that the CBC insists is "unelectable".

I want a premier who is going to invoke the non withstanding clause 35 times a day. A premier who will use it like a blow torch on everything in site.

"We're building nuclear power, not withstanding clause to …


B.C. has exactly the government and policing and crime that they voted for, and deserve.


Government spending is what causes inflation. This is clear evidence that any "inflation relief" promises from these guys, is a lie.

If they are not talking about cutting, then they want high inflation. Full stop.


When the NDP finds room to the right of your "conservative" party. What have you been voting for all these years?


Mexico, is not a safe destination. Most people survive the trip, some do not.

This is not the first time something like this has ever happened to people who made the choice to vacation in Mexico or Cuba. It will not be the last.


Language must be precise, and accurate. We shall start with definitions.

to coerce: to compel by force, intimidation, or authority; to dominate or control, especially by exploiting fear or anxiety

to force: the prisoner was forced into the cell by 3 linebacker size…