The Pipeline: Liberal judge lets Liberals off the hook on the Emergencies Act

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❐Expropriating the property of the offensive

Publisher, President & CEO

Derek Fildebrandt is Publisher, President & CEO of Western Standard New Media Corp. based in the Calgary Headquarters. He served from 2015-2019 as an Alberta MLA & Wildrose finance critic. From 2009-2014 he worked for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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When you talk about self defence and you call a 22 year old person a "kid" you are not being factual. a 22 year old can vote, buy booze, fight for the country, make all sorts of decisions, he also made a decision to fire a gun at intruders that entered his family home, he is a registered licensed gun owner. the question here is, is unlawful entry into your home crossing the threshold for using a firearm to defend yourself and your property?


It was checked out that names were similar but he is not related in any way. However he has history with the Liberal Party from years back. My column and later attached comment covers the situation.

Alberta Rules

That was no surprise at all, considering the " judge " that maggot in the black robe who works in a repugnant and corrupt judiciary is Trudeau's Uncle.....You read that right

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