About Us


The Western Standard is an independent source of news and commentary

fighting for a strong and free Western Canada,

committed to the truth even when it hurts,

and opposed to any government funding, regulation or intervention of the press.


The Western Standard was founded in 2004 as an unofficial successor to the Alberta Report under the motto “The independent voice of the New West”. It quickly became one of the largest magazines in Canada with a bi-weekly subscription of more than 40,000 individuals. In this time, the Western Standard led the fight against Canadian government censors and pushed the boundaries of the mainstream media. The original Western Standard ceased operations in 2007.

The Western Standard returned to publication as an online news and opinion platform in October 2019 under the ownership of the Western Standard New Media Corporation. Since that time, the Western Standard has become one of the most-read news platforms in Western Canada and has become the largest independent media platforms in Canada based on publicly available data.

In 2021 the Western Standard underwent a significant expansion opening bureaus in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg and Parliament Hill. An average of 2 million Western Standard articles are read per month by 850,000 individuals.

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