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The Alberta government will continue to forgo its provincial fuel tax on gas and diesel for the next three months — and nearly two million Albertans will receive electricity rebates beginning next month.

The province implemented its fuel tax relief measure in March in response to record high gas prices. The government’s $300-million electricity rebate program is also a response to high utility costs.

Both measures are targeted support from the government to help Albertans amid a rising cost of living, said Natural Gas and Electricity Associate Minister Dale Nally.

“We are providing targeted support to help hard-working Albertans deal with the rising cost of living,” Nally said in a statement.

“These rebates, combined with the fuel tax exemption and upcoming natural gas rebate, will help the large majority of Alberta households pay their bills while we make the long-term changes needed to make energy more affordable in the years ahead.”

More than 1.9 million homes, farms and small businesses will receive monthly credits of $50 on their July, August and September electricity bills, for a total of $150 in rebates, said a government news release. 

The 13 cent fuel tax relief saves drivers about $6.80 per tank for a compact car (50 litres), $12.65 for a mid-size SUV (93 litres), and $18.50 for a large pickup truck (136 litres).

The government said it would maintain the tax break until the average price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell below $90 per barrel. For the four-week period ending June 15, WTI averaged $115.88 per barrel.

“While fuel prices have continued to increase nationwide, Albertans still pay considerably less than their provincial neighbours,” Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said in a statement. “We’re pleased to extend this important relief measure until the end of September.”

The government will re-evaluate the program in September.

Finance Minister Jason Nixon, who was the minister of Environment and Parks until Tuesday’s cabinet shuffle, has repeatedly called on Ottawa to implement similar measures, like a pause on the federal carbon tax and fuel tax. Such a measure would save drivers almost $22 more on every 100 litres of gasoline, said a release from the Government of Alberta.

Ottawa declined and Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said provincial fuel tax breaks “goes against our efforts to fight climate change.”

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Does Kenney sound like a "premier" who is going to give up the reins in early October? He has now appointed his good buddy Nixon to control the Alberta bank account. The poster above is correct--he keeps on promising the rebate, but it just never seems to materialize. We need to start calling the officials in the UPC party office. Why isnt Kenney gone?


Is that on top of the rebate the Conservatives promised for January, February, & March that never materialized? I could have used it when the bills were reaching almost the highest prices in memory, and I was paying for 2 places.


All AB based gas stations needs to stop collecting and remitting Federal gas and carbon taxes of any kind.


Is the electricity rebate on top of the one he promised for Jan, Feb, & Mar that never materialized?

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