Alberta Premier Danielle Smith at RMA

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

All of Alberta's treaty chiefs came together Friday to oppose Premier Danielle Smith's proposed Alberta Sovereignty Act.

The chiefs of Treaties 6, 7, and 8 said in a statement the act is offensive and they reject it outright. 

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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lots of accurate comments here. What seems to have hit a nerve is a few self-appointed "chiefs" starting to worry that if Alberta is really "sovereign", then their supposed entitlements might diminish. I suggest they have a closer look at what Smith is talking about regarding resource "corridors" and properly developing Churchill port and the like. The indigenous people will benefit like never before. It is time to ask these "Chiefs" what THEY are proposing (??) to do that will actually assist their people, rather than just the Chiefs and Band Councils. The old saying: Better to light a candle than sit around bitching about the dark.

Free Canada

Let’s get this straight. Treaty chiefs are born into their positions. Like kings and queens. In Canada we reject the idea that you have power over the people just because of the family you are born into. We respect the rights of all people to elect their leaders. And once these elected leaders are voted into power, then can make legally binding decisions for their people.


If one can assume any truth in the lead-in, I guess we have to school the chiefs in the ways of the constitution. By the way, are these the elected chiefs or the other ones?(There's so many). My understanding is that most indigenous involved with resource development are quite happy with the new Act and trying to move forward rathe than backwards. And then there is mention of some NDP wanker in there. That doesn't make the story line any more palatable. I think we should wait for some additional fact finding on this one.


The squatters are worried about the gravy train being interrupted. They have absolutely no claim to the land -- any land.


Irrelevant. They have no say in this fight under the constitution. Unfortunately, the specifics "rights" that would be referenced have been created out of whole cloth by the Suoreme Court, which means they can be recinded by that same court...therefore not a right but a legal privilege. And will be in dispute by any province protecting its jurisdiction under the constitution.


The natives show once again how stupid they are.


Well, if they don't like it, they can leave. They were not the first people to be in this land. The Vikings were here long before the natives.

Susan in Calgary

Don't Indians vote provincially and federally? Not sure about municipal as they have their own band and chief. If they vote, aren't they subject to the same laws as all Albertans and Canadians?


Something is wrong here. They are adamantly opposed to an Alberta bill that doesn't exist yet? Somebody has been coaching them and I smell a rat, by definition from somewhere else in Canada.


You called it. Bribe the indigenous leaders and they'll say anything. The libs are guilty again


We could alway go around the reservations like we have in the past! It seems to me they didn’t like that much! So maybe these chiefs should think of their people instead of the alleged bribes they are pocketing! Maybe a few audits should be called.

Left Coast

Dear Chief Darcy Dixon . . . if things don't go well . . . you could always retreat to your Condo in Phoenix.

Long past time the "Indian" Industry in Canada was laid to rest . . . any real leader would have been shouting "Let my people go" . . . Decades ago ! ! !


You mean his mansion in Phoenix 😉

Straight Shooter

Dear Chiefs:

Yes the crown, the rich Laurentian Famlies and the politicians stole your land, killed your people and stole your children - but not the hardworking Canadian people.

You do not have the right to a free ride. You must pick yourselves up, educate your people, heal your people and contribute to the prosperity of Canada.

Just "Say No!" to turdeau's free ride. It enslaves you and your people.




These Treaty Indians have autonomy. They have no taxes on reserves, they are not subject to same laws and rules on their reserves as we are on “our” land. Having said that, there are a few reserves who are setting up private, for profit operating hospitals, so I would simply tell them, AHS will not re-I’m nurse them for any medical procedure that takes place in these facilities, there will be no funding of any kind for their private medical facilities. They have their Autonomy, but want to deny us of ours, these Chiefs are hypocrites, we have played nice with them for far too long, bent over backwards to accommodate them, and when we ask for cooperation back, they stab Albertans in the back.




Smith should reach out to Ellis Ross. He is a brilliant and hard-working representative in BC. He used to be Chief of Haisla and faced conflict with other First Nations over CGL and other matters- but he is one brave dude standing up, disclaiming the Indian Act and fighting to raise FN out of poverty.


The gravy train for the chiefs might be impacted if we kick Ottawa to the curb… maybe they can join a Quebec band…


How does one outright reject a document that doesn't yet exist and will reinforce already established provincial rights, but vehemently attacks it knowing that it is currently being abused and attacked by the federal government? One strongly suspects that these individuals have been clearly instructed and coerced to offer a speculative opinion for political purposes. Go figure.


I sure hope the chiefs read the comments posted here....


Anything that might compromise the $28.4 billion tax payer dollar supply and future increases will not fly with reservations.

Fairview 55

Boycott all their casinos and business. Send a message.


Sounds like somebody is afraid the handouts might stop. Paid for by the liberal government.




Exactly my thoughts.

Berta baby

Paid for by the liberal government, fiat money is a scam the government uses to manipulate and control people with.

Reduce your debt , do something useful with your hands that other people will pay you for and cancel your credit cards.

Get that F U factor in your life and break the chains

Creepy Little Dictator

Gimme more money.


Only 1 Grand Chief is quoted. So just reading the story I have to presume someone is taking more authority then was granted. Saying 1 Grand Chief represents all Treaty Indians, is like say Justin represents Alberta's environmental views.


Always object when there isn't a definitive cheque for them attached...


So says a nation that is based solely on race. So says the leaders of the apartheid. So says the people with the federal entitlements. So says a few losers who don't even know what's going to be in the bill. So says the people who control their land and your land.


They prefer to live under the Indian Act! They only want handouts from the government! They do not want to help themselves! They like being a kept people, just like a pet!

Maybe this is just another indication that they are incapable of making an informed decisions for themselves!

They actually, finally, get a chance at making decisions on the future direction of their lives…please tell me what the government has done for you since 1867, besides pass the Lysol and the bag of money!

I guess the saying is true, that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

Well you can stay on your reserve, the rest of us will move forward.


The I want my cake and I want to eat it too paid protestors have an opinion that is contrary. Shocking.

Forward Thinking

I don't care what the Cheifs have to say. I do not propose to tell them what to do on their land and I will not accept them telling me what to do on mine. The idea that they would be against the Sovereignty Act is absurd. My entire life their complaining about the federal government has been never ending and now that we are taking action they have a problem with it? This whole situation stinks like corruption!

Dave's Dog

"Communities in Bloom"


It hasn't been released yet, they seemed to have jumped the gun.

Mars Hill

I think all that's needed here is a honest discussion of situation, the native Nations have every right and indeed duty to put a stop to anything that effects their rights. Me thinks when there is understanding on this there will be cooperation from everybody, there has to be.

Alberta Farmer

They’re nothing more corrupt than an Indian chief and band counsel! They just want to keep their gravy train going from the feds! They keep the money for themselves rather than share it with the other natives on their reserves or make their reserves better!



Barron Not Barron

I know one metis guy working (and living comfortably) in the AB gvt, at one time bought 2 cars. On the expensive side.


Its not clear what they are endorsing, or complaining about. Trudeau has stymied all sorts of projects that would have benefitted all sorts of Indian bands. But Smith uses the word "sovereignty" in an act that would help her get worthwhile projects off the ground, and these 3 Chiefs criticize her?? I think (maybe, perhaps) these Chiefs would also take offense to Trudeau actually, in fact, exercising control over these resources and projects, to the detriment of them and their people?? In other words, "We aboriginals own the land, not the province, and not the federal government"??? But thats a different debate.....


well said!!!


In summary, three guys with the title of "Chief" of a "Nation" explain why sovereignty is bad for other people. Also, oil production is bad because there's a shortage, and the rule of law is threatened when someone defends Constitutional powers. Guys? Let's go all the way and admit that Santa Claus is real, and he's working with Trudeau on getting clean drinking water for everyone.


It's incredibly sad that the very people that demand the current generation of white folks pay for the 'crimes of the colonialists' don't even recognize when they're being manipulated by current colonialists.


Apparently all that sweet, sweet government (our) money has bought some votes.


Unless I'm very much mistaken, Treaty Land includes the mineral rights, unlike all the other land the rest of us reside on, we may own the surface but the crown/government retains the mineral rights. So 3 Chiefs have decided to speak for all Treaty Indians across the whole province? That sounds quite like the hereditary chiefs in Northern BC bringing the rail traffic to a stand still for the whole country.

Only Freedom Matters Now

Couldn’t care any less about what they think. So, can we now stop all the stupid acknowledgment declarations of being on someone else’s land BS?

Boris Hall

The globalist Trudeau infected maggots will throw everything at her non stop 24/7

They want us and our children enslaved and injected or dead by WEF tyranny

This is a fight of good against evil

It’s as plain as that


Wasn't that always the plan.

Weren't we always slaves to the governments, WEF is just a recent player in the slave trade.


don't worry chiefs the cheque will big enough.




Section 92A is also in the Charter, and resources should be developed for the benefit everyone in the country.

Barron Not Barron

Benefit everyone in the country? While I drill, dig, sweat, bleed, work hard (HARD) in Northern Alberta's winter temperatures(!), while the gvt is robbing me, you are.. waiting for your check. Is this everyone's benefit description?

For Albertans, NOTHING comes from everyone else from outside of Alberta, for us to "benefit".

In fact we don't need any of you. You all lazy communists are criminals. You all look for opportunities to make a living on our shoulders. One day you will fall from there, straight in your heads.


I couldn’t agree more. I think Klein said it correctly “let those lazy bast&@ds freeze in the dark”. I am originally from NB and they are some of the laziest people in the world. They have made a career out of “poggy”. Sickening. It’s all about the handouts.


Natives will rally around who ever sends them the most money. The chiefs are more corrupt than the Ottawa Politicians that buy them off.


Yep, it's never too hard to find the chief's house on the res. Always the biggest house with a shiny red ford in the driveway.




Exactly, corruption runs deep on the reserves, not all chiefs and bands are corrupt, but most are, just listen to the cries of “we have no clean water to drink” and taxpayer is expected to pick up the tab, while the money supposed to be used for infrastructure goes to pay band council and chiefs more than any politician makes. Six figure wage to run a reserve with 300 people on it? It’s way past time to scrap the Indian act, and bring these people into the 21st century.


They are just introducing Smith to their “cry and they’ll give you some money” game.

Barron Not Barron

Oh oh the natives have learned a new word "democracy TM". Pay taxes and then express your doxa. Yup you can search the word in the dictionary.


Resources may and can be extracted for good of all Albertans.


Well not if only the big oil companies and the feds get to profit the most.

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