Edmonton city councillor Michael Janz launched a petition to silence the noisy vehicles in the City of Edmonton.

"We don't need driver education, we need enforcement. We don't need warnings, we need tickets and impounding," Janz stated on the petitions website.

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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Not Sure

Edmonton is about as gay as sperm on a moustache. The helicopter kids have grown up and now they want to inflict their mental anguish on everybody who isn’t a weak kneed cry baby.


I'm not sure what the actual decibel limit should be, but I fully support this concept. These ashholes with their noisy cars/bikes need to be removed from the streets. There's no need to wake me up in the middle of the night. Fine them into oblivion!


I’m almost certain with the stock muffler my 1985 K20 would be louder than 74 decibels. 74 decibels is a casual outdoor conversation.


Good on you Mr. Janz. We need more councillors like you with a backbone!


Whatever buddy, you're probably triggered by a loud f**t!


He probably voted in favor of the goofy gondola too.


Motorcycles are a minority, an easy target. Most of us are minorities in one way or another. Eventually they will get around to targeting you but only after you've accepted their power to oppress at their will.


This authorisation clown can feel free to move to North Korea.


Councillor Michael Janz don't know much about cars or motorcycles. A huge number of vehicles are sold stock capable of far over 74 db. The existing 84 db limit is fine, the real issue is lack of enforcement for vehicles with modified exhaust producing over 100 db at full throttle. That's what echoes around the city at night. Dropping the sound levels to 74 db is just an attack on having fun.

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