WEF President Kalaus Shwab. Jean believes Alberta taxpayers should be sending money to an organization that, "if it got its way, would harm Albertans."

UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean says if successful in the premier race he will prohibit organizations under provincial government control, such as Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Alberta Energy Regulator, from being World Economic Forum (WEF) members or affiliates.

Jean told the Western Standard this also includes attending WEF events or projects.

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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Arthur I believe you have a pretty big typo here: "Jean said he believes Alberta taxpayers should be sending money to an organization that, "if it got its way, would harm Albertans."" Replace "should" with "should not."


Why doesn’t anybody talk about what the biggest issue with the WEF and that is depopulation of the world with there experimental biological weapon which is what the jabs are 100 percent they are not vaccines they are industrial chemicals with horrific ingredients in them the information is out there Pfizer asked the FDA to hide the death shot for 75 years and a federal just ordered the release of the thousands of documents People have to stand up for there and say NO and hold these sick people accountable. Wake up people


Excellent! He should also require Alberta’s corporations to drop their ESG virtue signaling.


More of this please.


Nice ideas from Brian Jean. I still will support Danielle Smith who promises to do so much more to fight for the rights of Albertans. Jean will just target Alberta organizations, but still allow Ottawa to attack Alberta. Danielle will do so much more, she will shut down provincial groups from joining WEF while also refusing to let Ottawa push us around.


Sorry you're late to the party Brian, Danielle has this and more already covered.


She needs to make a public statement about this position, as well as corporate ESG virtue signaling. I would also add that communities that declare a “climate emergency” should be required to prove without a doubt that an emergency exists or it’s just posturing for cash. Alberta communities should never sell themselves to Ottawa for funding. Are you listening, Gondek?


Could be a game changer for Jean. Leslyn lewis is also promising similar and everyone loves to hear it.


Good answer. The NWO is no longer a conspiracy. It is in the cross hairs of the awakening masses.

Berta baby

But will he really? This is the guy who wanted Notley to help with the Covid response.

He just wants to be like Danielle smith but doesn’t have the biscuits so he waits 3 weeks and comes up with a nothing burger .

We’ll take it from here Jean

Barron Not Barron

The WEF wants to kiss my @ss.




Excellent idea! Kudos to Brian Jean on this one!


Now when every other candidate starts saying this we will be closer to Alberta independence. Sorry Jean I still refuse to give money to the UCP to still never vote for you.


So Jean will 'prohibit' some of his fellow 'conservative' MLAs?

I call 'bravo sierra'.


Darn fine idea...



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