Jeremy Nixon

Alberta Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services Jeremy Nixon.

Alberta Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services Jeremy Nixon says the Liberals have turned their backs on some residents of the province and will not help them pay rent.

"The federal government is leaving out tens of thousands of AISH clients in Alberta for their $500 rent-top-up program by making the maximum income level for single individuals $20,000," Nixon said on Twitter on Monday.

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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Another STUPID program by the Liberals. The cost of giving 500.00 ONE TIME to renters will cost taxpayers millions.


this is part of the overall strategy against the UCP. Rachel Notley fully award this was going to happen. UCP and supporters better realize this is not campaign of UCP against NDp, this is a concerted effort against UCP, involved are WEF,Lib. Nat. NDP and Prov. NDP. Priority 1 defeat the UCP, if UCP is successful this will be the turning point for Canada. Lib's hell bent not to let it happen. As we should be hell bent to make it happen, isn't that what Turdo is all about deception, and chaos. Let's all be wise to the strategy.



Rusty Pipes



It's well past time for an independent sovereign country named Alberta.


[smile]This is the only thing that would put a stop to the federal gov't. trying to erase Alberta from the map


I guess it’s time for Alberta to forget the Tranfer Payments to Ottawa every year. The money is best serving Albertans than eastern creeps and bums!


That seems like a good idea - at the very least don't transfer the top up payments.


👏 agreed. For once we have a premier that is doing what she says she will do. Ottawa is going to see what will happen soon if they don’t smarten up. Alberta is not messing around anymore. I have a good feeling about Smith.


Of course they won't, they are second class citizens, quite simply, they are Albertans. When will the UCP get around to collecting our owns taxes, then sending the leftovers to Quebec, sorry, Ottawa, instead of the other way around?



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