A firetruck races to the scene of the wildfire in Drayton Valley.

A firetruck races to the scene of the wildfire in Drayton Valley.

The Alberta RCMP arrested four looters in Drayton Valley who were breaking into a business while the town has been evacuated.

"I would say thankfully so far. It's (looting) not widespread. I'm just aware of the one case in Drayton Valley," said Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP.

Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP

Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP.

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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Put the looters on the fire fighters' front lines with a squirt gun to battle the blaze.

Burnt Wood

These evacuations are usually the perfect time for the RCMP to break into houses looking for guns to steal, like the RCMP did during the High River flood evacuation.

I would be very reluctant to abandon my home by following government orders. The government is not your friend, cares nothing for you or your worldly goods, and you need to look after yourself.

Otherwise. expect to be looted by the RCMP or some NDP voter out of Edmonton.


Considering at least two of the fires were started on purpose by humans? I wouldn't put anything past the police! The Banff fire was started on purpose by diversity hires, and another fire (can't remember which one) was also now ruled arson as it literally was started when an arsonist burned another church down!!!!

And we all know how the rcmp took advantage before of evacuation orders and took people's guns for "safety"!

With the recent gun grab by the Feds NOT being upheld in Alberta because Alberta believes in gun owner's rights, the rcmp can use these fires as an excuse to take owners guns!

Last time the rcmp used looting aa an excuse to seize guns, and there's already been stories about looting again. This is the perfect time for rcmp to seize guns under the new gun laws..... for our own safety of course.

I feel sorry for ANYONE that has been affected by these fires.

Also, don't run right out to support the Red Cross necessarily. Last time this happened, the Red Cross admitted that NOT all donations made in Canada actually GOES strictly to Canadians! Nope, their policy is to "distribute" the donations equally among ALL their chapter's WORLD WIDE. Not keep donations made in Canada FOR Canadian's.

Not saying don't donate, but look for local charities to help instead!


I am old school. Shoot dead all looters.

Des Zacharias

Shoot shovel shut up

Mars Hill

Yin and Yang and let's do the tango; dang karma.


The hotel/campground owners should be charged with extortion. A year ot two in jail might serve them right.


Throw the buggers in to jail and should be for at least 1year if it is to have any meaning.


How many houses will be broken into, and all the scary weapons "stolen" I wonder? It's not like the RCMP have ever done such a thing in the past in Alberta, cough cough, High River?

That was my first thought as well. Who lit the fire. What a perfect way to evacuate a town and then pull off another “High River”.


Shame on the looters! This is a crisis. You should not profit off people in a crisis


Tell that to the hotels and campgrounds in Hinton. Reports from family says a certain hotel doubled the price and a campground went from $45/day to $105/day once all the evacuees showed up. Be sure to leave positive and glowing reviews and comments .


The Campground in Hinton "Switzer Drive" is owned by the town of Hinton, it is my understanding the evacuees get to stay for free, the RV park "KOA" west of town (Yellowhead county,) could be another story. (Which would not surprise me as the ones who manage it are not the best of heart) There was one report of one Hotel gouging. Most others have reduced their rates. Many people have offered a bedroom/showers or plug in/water for rv's parked on their properties. Churches, members of the community and restaurant have offered free food. Legion in Hinton had 40 suppers still available last night.

I know I live in Hinton.

Richard Bilovus


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