Telsa fails to charge in the cold

They told Insider that they knew it would need charging but did not realize just how often that would be.

A brother and sister duo in the US rented a Tesla recently to see what it would be like to drive an electric car. But they were deeply disappointed after they had to stop to charge it as the "battery would drain faster than it would charge."

Xaviar and Alice Steavenson chose to test it out on a drive from Orlando, Fla. to Wichita, KS. in late December.

Arthur Green is the Alberta Legislative Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Edmonton Bureau. He is an award-winning journalist and has worked for the CBC and Post Media.

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Free Canada

I can't wait until EV mandates hit Ontario and Quebec. Liberal voters will start feeling the pain of the idiot government they keep voting for. EV mandates are something the S act must stop in Alberta. All Albertans would support this.

Justin Trudeau should go to china and tell them to stop opening new coal fired power plants every few weeks!!! Its so Stupid!


I agree. The EV hysteria can only be coming from those who live in large cities and use public transit. The stupid and illogical ideas of the climate change zealots about banning fossil fuels if implemented at this time will result in mass starvation. Congratulations to Danielle Smith standing up to the stupidity.


Just wait until charging stations aren't subsidized anymore... They won't be cheaper at that point by any metric.


Billions of $$$ in tax payer funded subsidies for Trudeau/Guibeautl/Singh far left wing extremist search for the unattainable Take away the subsidies, the taxes electric vehicles will go away.


Why does this site keep searching for problems with EVs from thousands of miles away? Do the local Tesla owners not have any issues? Why not news articles about the 50+hr waits for AMA boosts to Gasoline cars during the Calgary cold snap before Christmas?

Turdsingh Not my Canada

The 2035 mandate is unachievable especially in rural Saskatchewan. They have this idea that everything we need will be within 15 min. Of our homes. Haha the climate idiots have no idea what goes on outside of their bubbles. How will goods be shipped, distributed without fuel? Having to charge a semi every city along route. Won't find useless EV chargers out in rural areas. Oh wait, they are going to crowd us all into smart cities, expropriate land from farmers and we'll all be happy! Oh but this is all tin foil hat compiracies. No I'm thinking not because it's all in print under the WEF plan and if you think a EV vehicle will solve anything of what the elite have planned you're going to wish you'd done some homework.


In defense of gas cars ('cause I like them) ......... did you plug your car in? Did you have your block heater on a timer? Did you have your battery checked and/or replaced before winter? Did you check your block heater cord and extension cord? Is it possible the long waits were due to the number of cars in Calgary? Just saying .........


Gasoline cars that are properly maintained will start in temperatures below -20C easily. The only time I ever had a problem starting a car in cold weather was when it had a carburetor a long time ago as carburetor are no longer used and haven’t been for many years or if the battery was past its prime. Below - 15 it’s a good idea to plug it in as it just starts easy and warms up quicker.


But they will work fine in Canada where it hits -20 and worse on a regular basis...LOL..sure..

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