A group of more than 100 WestJet staffers are taking legal action against their airline and the Canadian government for the mandatory vaccine policies forced on industry workers. 

"Collaborating with airlines and other corporate stakeholders, the federal government implemented punitive and divisive COVID vaccination mandates, creating a two-tier society stoked by fear, division, and anger," said the group in a statement. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Melanie Risdon is an Alberta Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters. She has over 20 years’ experience in media at Global News, Rogers and Corus.

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Excellent, This news should be on main stream media everywhere. All they say not enough pilots, laugh at people that get stuck in airports, I heard today a reporter on cbc news was basically laughing at at interviewed lady who could not get on her flight with husband and 3 kids, the youngest 6 months old, because her flight was canceled. The reporter was laughing, so humiliating and the victim was confused and pretended to play along like it is normal. I am not sure what is wrong with people, what exactly will wake them up if this doesn’t.


WestJet used COVID as an excuse to illegally fire employees and avoid severance costs. Purely monetary and predatory. I hope they pay and pay and pay.


Godspeed heroes.


Excellent news! Keep fighting the mandates on all fronts!


Why hasn't anyone picked up a story from the ATCO employees. Their lawsuit is also filed.

Melanie Risdon Staff
Melanie Risdon

I am working on this story as we speak.


Fantastic! Good on them. These evil (there is no curse in English or Elvish or Entish strong enough to describe these murdering scum) scum need to roast for crimes against humanity!

Mars Hill

For the woke movers and shakers of these corporations this will be the least of their problems and no place on earth for them to hide. Just watch.



Free Canada

I imagine this is a civil case. Will it be decided by a Jury? If so, the Employee’s will win. Every company and every Provincial Health Authority must be sued. If every province and all big companies, universities all had

To pay hundreds of millions in damages, this would wake people up.


Awesome! Keep the lawsuits coming!!!

Only Freedom Matters Now


I hope that every individual that was suspended or fired for not disclosing personal medical information and / or for refusing to take an experimental injection becomes filthy rich from payments of damages from the companies that did this and that those companies go bankrupt.

For these people are the heroes of our day and these companies must become the examples for the future so that this never happens again.


Excellent. Keep them coming.



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