BC health officials

A BC-based non-profit organization says there's "already troubling signs ahead of us” regarding the future of COVID-19 policy in the province.

Anticipating “renewed hysteria,” the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy (CSASPP) — an organization spearheading several legal actions against the provincial government for COVID-related matters — says it is important to reflect on the coming months.

Reporter (BC)

Reid Small is a BC Reporter for the Western Standard and West Coast Standard based in the Vancouver Bureau. He has worked as a freelance photojournalist and in independent media.

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The question remains, will Canadians prove themselves to be so stupid?

Welcome to Castreaustan. Bend over; grab your ankles

Left Coast

New Zealand health officials are seeing double the number of people feeling cough, fever, illness, this year over last year.

And the country is SEVEN TIMES sicker than in 2019 before the pandemic!



Just ignore all of the mandates. Worked for me here in Alberta.

Dave's Dog

Lefties locking up lefties; so perfect!

Left Coast

The Incompetent Health Minister & the clueless Dr. Bonnie LIED about the number of people in Hospitals with Covid for 2 years. Used a Fake PCR Test to drum up 1000s of Fake Cases which the Media used to Frighten the Public.

Since January 2020 only around 3000 people died from the Wuhan Virus, and likely 1/3 or more of them died from existing co-morbidities.

MEANWHILE in BC in that same period over 5,000 and counting died from Drug Overdoses . . . many who had lost hope because of the Stupid Lockdowns and Useless Govt Regulations which we know today DID NOT WORK.

There are numerous studies today which demonstrate Masks, Lockdowns, Distancing & of course the VAX were completely useless.

I suspect VAX injuries & deaths in BC far exceed the actual Covid deaths.

Boris Hall

The psychotic big Pharma Fembot sales person of the year Dr Bonnie (Mengele) Henry is arising from her alcoholic stupor and needs another Pfizer commission cheque

These criminals are vile beyond description

Boris Hall

These pigs like Henry and Dix need a public hanging


Meanwhile https://www.westernstandard.news/bc/bcs-drug-overdose-crisis-has-killed-more-than-10-000/article_ddf239e4-1d96-11ed-95e4-f38484b0af44.html


Bring it on Henry! With Danielle Smith as leader of the UCP in Oct. There will be No lockdowns, No jab mandates.

All BC purebloods are welcome to come to Alberta. We have jobs, and with full employment along with our Alberta Sovereignty Act. The future will be bright! With a Premier who will finally stand up to Ottawa. Business will BOOM!!


Trying to get my hubby to consider moving to AB. I hate this UGLY province. It may be beautiful on the surface, but underneath it is ugly and evil as sin.

Mars Hill

My brother lives in BC, he says you need a permit to kill a spider so I understand apprehension about the coming fall and flu season.


Well, BC does have a NotableDrummersforPfizer party in power.


Humble suggestion from a neighbour: cut out the lower mainland and we can make British Calbertchewan. The name is a first draft. We’ll give them Edmonton.

LOL (Little Old Lady)



That's a great name and yes you are definitely welcome to take Edmonton!


I love this suggestion,hope it will be that way in future.

Weyland Yutani

Public notice to all agents of the BC "gov't":


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