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Despite falling in value to its lowest point since December 2020, Bitcoin advocates claim the money alternative remains an effective way to protect one's wealth from government-caused money-printing and inflation.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Bitcoin crashed because Putin had his specialists take control of the Khazarian Mafia's/NWO's Bitcoin in Ukraine.



As government regulators inch toward implementing crypto-focused policies, (as they are in the USA), Bitcoin will increase in legitimacy. Once it's a done deal, this will entice financial institutions and investment corporations to enter the Bitcoin market and its value will increase, but more importantly stabilize.

It is imperative that we disallow any government, especially the pathetic current Cdn gov't, from establishing a centralized digital bank currency (CDBC). Unlike the de-centralized crypto currency like Bitcoin, any CDBC currency would be under direct control from the government, be subject to programming by government, and worse, be the ultimate tool to use against Canadians to influence behavior, aka social control. At the pump, you would hear "unfortunately you are only allowed to purchase 30 liters of fuel as you have already reached your quota for this month".

De-centralized crypto currency is congruent with a truly free society. The fiat currency systems are being grossly undermined by atrocious governmental monetary policy...e.g. Trudeau's disgusting national debt, or printing of paper money. Unfortunately, many politicians don't get the difference between CBDC and de-centralized currency like Bitcoin.

We need a solid crypto currency. End of Story.


The way that Jean Charest and the rest of the CPC candidates attacked Poilievre and Poilievre's stand in favour of cryro currencies it sounded like Jean Charest was one step away from banning cyro currencies in Canada just like the CCP did in China.


Charet is only wanting to get rid of decentralized crypto. The government sanctioned crypto would be the only crypto allowed and thus governments would be able to control your money and take it away if they did not like what you say/do/represent. Just like the CCP is doing in China now.

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