Canadian Western Agribition Cows

Canadian Western Agribition cows 

China still is not accepting exports of Canadian beef after Canada reported an “atypical” bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) case over a year ago.

Cow sitting in a field

Cow sitting in a field

An atypical BSE case happens spontaneously in older cattle and can even happen in countries that have never reported a single case of regular BSE.

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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(8) comments

Winnie the pool

Every Canadian beef born with a virus,the name of the virus is Canadian virus,if Chinese eat the beef,they will soon want to immigrate to Canada,so we banned Canadian beef.


No more products from China, after all they brought us Covid. This is what we should be working towards. We should never have allowed our manufacturing to leave the country.

Winnie the pool

Yes,we add Covid-19 to our products sent to Canada.

Winnie the pool

Did you see we check every detail of imported products,even we do covid-test on the surface of import products,that's because we do it to the exported products.

Winnie the pool

I never buy food and drinks made in China or product of China,because I know what they did with them.


This is nothing but another political stunt by the CCP.

For the sake of our own health, the government should ban all imports of chinese manufactured food and food that contain ingredients made or processed in China.


Yes, especially if you know what nasty chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, waste) China allows into their food stream that we do not allow here.

Left Coast

It is quite amazing how much stuff in the Grocery Store comes from China today . . . likely a lot more marked "Packaged in Canada" . . . which tells you NOTHING about the origins of the contents!

Part of the New Canada/Mexico/US Trade Agreement should address feeding North America First . . . then consider Exports elsewhere.

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