Where’s the beef?

Apparently in Alberta, according to the latest Statistics Canada livestock inventory numbers that show the province is home to 43% of all the heifers — some 4.85 million head — in the country. By contrast, the province had about 4.4 million permanent residents in 2019 according to the latest census data.

Shaun Polczer is an Energy Reporter and lifelong Albertan who has covered the Canadian oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. He began his career at rural weeklies in Redwater and Dayton Valley before moving onto progressively senior positions at the Daily Oil Bulletin, Calgary Herald and Petroleum Economist in London. He has freelanced extensively for financial publications in New York and Houston. 

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Well, it's not true there's more Moose than people in Newfoundland, it just seems that way as most of them are standing on the highway!


Alberta's got more cattle than people and Newfoundland has more Moose that people. These are the two greatest Provinces in Canada.


At least our cows don't vote NDP or Liberal, unlike the sheep in most other provinces.


Hey noryhrungrader we have a small sheep operation here in saskatchewan and all of our sheep are card carrying conservatives 😊


You better start exporting them, get some of those good genes spread across Canada, lol.


And AB cows don’t f- r-, (censured for profanity) & even if they did it wouldn’t stink 😁😂


It is not surprising that the sheep herd (flock?) is increasing in Canada. Suspect independent confirmation of that may be found in voting records/results as well.


The feds will get rid of all the cattle and hogs and convert them to bug farms. The government will subsides this effort of course.


Excellent. Albertans can eat beef, not bugs.


Canada's supplier.

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